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Q3 2020 Blog Income Report

Welcome to the 1st edition of my quarterly blog income report!

I made the switch to quarterly reports from monthly ones to save time and give you a more broad view of how my online business performs over 12 week periods.

This is also the default format of most publicly traded companies so hopefully you enjoy new format!

Q3 2020 Highlights

  • 21,000+ pageviews
  • $3,000+ Earnings
  • $240 Expenses

Q3 2020 Overview

Q3 was an interesting quarter since many countries lifted pandemic lockdowns and the stock market recovered most of the losses from April.

I spent the majority of the quarter deleting old blog posts, editing older articles, submitting articles to SeekingAlpha, and uploading Youtube videos.

2020 is an inflection point in our brand as I finally embraced social media and went full titlt on Youtube, Twitter, and SeekingAlpha. While I’ve experienced some short term ebbs and flows, I am confident that things will compound well into 2021 as I grow the number of subscribers and followers across our social media channels.

My goal is to show you exactly how I’m generating money with my business and give you some inspiration if you plan to start a money making blog or create a profitable social media presence.

Website Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and I use Google Analytics to track monthly pageviews for free.

Our site received 17,203 visitors and 21,334 pageviews from June 1st to September 30th.

Youtube Income – $2,216.42

Youtube is a big part of my content strategy and 2020 is the first year I’ve consistently uploaded since I launched the Youtube channel in 2010.

Q3 2020 Youtube Channel Stats

  • Views: 130k
  • Watch Time: 8.8 hours
  • Subs: 1,500 gained (8,700+ total subs)
  • Revenue: $2,216

Here’s a visual breakdown of the stats:

One of the nice things about Youtube is I get to reach a completely new audience and share my content on the world’s 2nd largest website in the world.

Youtube will be a big part of my business moving forward and I have a plan to create a timeless content library of 1,000 investing related videos.

I’ll also provide update videos on my current positions and other hot stocks in the stock market.

Adsense Revenue – $382.06

Google Adsense is my main ad revenue generated and I show display ads within blog posts on this site. Whenever someone clicks an ad, I receive a payment based on the CPC.

Affiliate Marketing Income – $60

Affiliate marketing is another way to provide value to your audience and earn money via commission whenever some buys a product or takes a specific action.

Sponsored Guest Posts – $500

I promote various affiliate products on this website & my Youtube channel related to investing & personal finance.

I still need to grow through my books but I’m estimating this is around $500 for the quarter. More info coming soon.

SeekingAlpha Contributor Earnings – $640.95

I published 8 articles during Q3 2020 on SeekingAlpha in an effort to build a following there and diversify my income. SeekingAlpha pays writers to publish stock market analysis articles on their website.

I earned $640.95 during Q3, which I pay to reinvest in dividend stocks for my retirement.

The average article earns $52.40 plus you can earn a lot more if your article goes viral. My highest earning article covered Apple and I made almost $200.

However, SeekingAlpha recently changed its payout structure to favor premium subscriber pageviews so I expect to experience a change in earnings after November 1st. If I cannot earn a decent amount writing for SeekingAlpha then I will focus on this site and my Youtube Channel more.

Expenses – $240

My only real expenses for this site is the Siteground web hosting. I use a Siteground cloud hosting server to power this website.

Q4 2020 Goals

My goal is to ramp up my Youtube channel, continue adding 1 to 2 timeless articles on the website and continue publishing stock market analysis articles on SeekingAlpha. The key to staying motivated and consistent without losing too much momentum in the process.