Rob Booker and Markay Latimer’s “Profit Accelerator” Review

Rob Booker and Markay Latimer launched the “Profit Accelerator” package in April 2020 and I will give you my honest review on the service.

In this review, I will talk in-depth about what you’re getting and how the Profit Accelerator can help you reach your financial goals even if you’re a beginner to stock market trading.

Who is Rob Booker and Markay Latimer?

Rob Booker is launching the Profit Accelerator course along with Markay Latimer, a successful stock and options trader who turned $2,000 into $2 million dollars in just 2 years.

Rob Booker works for InvestPub LLC and is a longtime trader in the markets. He started out broker with just $500 decades ago and became a successful trader and salesman with the InvestPub company.

Markay Latimer is a successful options trader with over 20 years of experience teaching everyday people how to generate full time income in the stock market and achieve financial freedom. She holds a B.A. in Arts from Brigham Young University.

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What’s amazing about her stock trading system is she doesn’t recommend following complicated trading signals or reading hours worth of financial reports. In fact, she uses 1 simple trading strategy to make $2,740 profit on average from her last 100 trades.

Her strategy is called the Retirement Pattern.

What’s is Markay Latimer’s Retirement Pattern?

Markay Latimer

I watched a 1 and a half hour webinar that explains the “Retirement Pattern” strategy in complete detail. It’s so simple that any beginner trader can identify this pattern out of the 5,000+ publicly traded stocks and start making money today.


The “Retirement Pattern” relies on quick movements in trading volume, buyer/seller interest, and fast movement in stock price.

Markay breaks down the complex stock market into two basic groups: bulls (buyers) and bears (sellers). These two groups are constantly battling each other everyday in the markets and you need to figure out which group has taken control of the stock.

You do this by monitoring a stock’s volume, changes in 10 day moving averages, and of course a sharp change in a stock’s price. Once you identify a clear mover, you setup an entry price, risk/reward ratio, and stop loss price to avoid massive losses.

What Makes This Stock Pattern So Powerful?

The key to the “Retirement Pattern” is that it’s an easy pattern to memorize and use over and over again. Markay recommends looking for several key things when uncovering these profitable stocks:

  • Use 1 day intraday trading charts
  • Buy calls during a bullish candle or buy puts during a bearish candle
  • Plan to hold the stock/option for 1 to 5 days. If you hit a big winner, you may hold as long as 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Use stop loss orders to minimize risk. Markay uses tight stops to prevent big losses.
  • Avoid complex strategies and distractions. Less is more.

I realized how easy the “Retirement Pattern” is but there’s another problem to figure out: how do I find successful trades? You’re probably busy with your job/business, family, friends, and other committments.


With over 5,000+ stocks to trade, you will have to spend hours everyday to find profitable trades yourself.

Luckily, Markay has solved the problem of finding profitable trades with her complete Profit Accelerator System!

Wtach the Webinar Now to Learn More about Profit Accelerator

What’s Included in the Profit Accelerator Trading System?

The most important part of the system is the trade alerts. You get 2 trade alerts every Friday telling you exactly which stocks to trade with entry point, strike dates, and a stop loss price.

You’ll receive 1 quick profit trade and 1 let it ride trade to maximize your returns.


You’ll also receive:

  • Text Alerts – Real time alerts sent straight to your phone on your weekly trades
  • Text Circle – Access to the private group of traders like you to discuss trades
  • Trading Masterclass – Show you exactly how to become a profit trader
  • Retirement Pattern Scanner – Help you find the retirement pattern from over 5,000 stocks in spread sheet
  • Markay’s Monthly Mastermind Call – Each moth, Markay reviews the winners and losers and how improve your trading skills
  • Profit Circles – A verification service to confirm the total P/L of each trade
  • Closed door profit session

Is Profit Accelerator Worth the Money?

Profit Accelerator costs $1,497 for 2 years which amounts to around $62 per month.

You receive 2 trades per week for 2 years. That’s 104 trades in total.

Let’s assume you profit 50% of the time and make on average $500 per trade.

104 x $500 = $52,000


You can earn an extra $26,000 per year or more than $2,000 per month using this service.

$500 profit per trade is possible with a smaller account. If you trade more money then your gains will be much larger.

And it’s impossible to blow up your trading account because Markay recommends stop loss orders to avoid big losses.

All you have to do is setup a trading account with any broker, follow the trade alerts, enter the orders into your broker, and start making money right now.

Is Profit Accelerator Right For You?

Profit Accelerator is for you if:

  • You want an experienced trader to spoon fed your profitable trades via text and email
  • You need exact entry points, price targets, and stop loss exits
  • You want 1 to 2 good trades per week to make money with
  • You want a simple strategy that works for anybody regardless of educational background or trading experience

Wtach the Webinar Now to Learn More about Profit Accelerator

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