Here's a breakdown of my current stock investment portfolio. I try to limit my holdings to no more than 20 because I enjoy tracking quarterly reports and news articles. I use Tipranks, Google Sheets, Mint and Personal Capital to track everything. All these tools are free.

My Asset Allocation

My Stock Portfolio

CompanySymbolSharesMarket ValueCost BasisGain/Loss%
Aurora CannabisACB100$170
Coca ColaKO2
Delta AirlinesDAL3$173.76
Dunkin BrandsDNKN1$75.78
Jollibee FoodsJBFCF37
Proctor & GamblePG2$252
Western UnionWU13$359.45

My Quick Analysis for Every Stock I Current Hold

Many investing bloggers post their portfolio but provide zero insight on why they currently hold each stock. This makes their portfolio less useful and makes research much more difficult.

I believe in simplified investing along with owning fewer stocks. Here's my quick analysis of each holding:


My dad always used to call AT&T a “widow and oprhans” stock when I was growing up as a kid.

It's known for its slow and steady growth plus nice dividend yield. I've been watching HBO since I was a kid plus I can sleep well at night as an AT&T shareholder. It's one of my recommend holdings for retirement portfolio. It won't grow a ton but you're not likely to lose money either.

I never plan to sell my AT&T stock and will continue collecting the dividend well into retirement.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora is one of the strongest players in the fast growing Cannabis industry. What excites me is the potential of CBD oil and its derativatives to cure many illnesses and diseases.

The company has operations all over the world and has some of the best marketing & Cannabis cost per gram prices in the market. This is a long term spectulative hold for me.

Portfolio last updated as of February 16th, 2020