My Investment Portfolio for February 2024

Welcome to my entire stock, options, real estate crowdfunding, and crypto portfolio.

What Do I Invest in?

My investment portfolio is made up of 5 major asset classes:

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Crypto
  • REITs
  • Cash

I aim for a balanced portfolio that will grow in the long term as I get older.

What is My Portfolio Allocation?

Right now, my portfolio allocation is the following mix:

  • 60% Stocks
  • 30% Crypto
  • 9% Cash
  • 1% REITs

As time goes on, I expect the crypto allocation will increase and eventually outweigh my stock market portfolio. This is because crypto is a fairly new asset class with a high CAGR than traditional stock equities.


Of course, owning cryptocurrency is a lot riskier and nobody knows if the SEC will regulate Bitcoin and other altcoins in the future. I believe in holding cryptocurrency but still enjoy the long-term safety of a solid high growth stock portfolio.

My Stock Portfolio

Publicly traded stocks make up the majority of my investment portfolio. I’m invested in mostly high-growth stocks, YOLO meme stocks, dividend stocks, and crypto stocks.

Company Name (Ticker)Shares Held
Lucid Group (LCID)200
Coinbase (COIN)30
Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA)100
MicroStrategy (MSTR)5
Tesla (TSLA)5
Urban One (UONE)100
Blade Air Mobility (BLDE)200
Grab (GRAB)600
Joby Aviation (JOBY)55
Upstart (UPST)15
eBay (EBAY)2

Lucid is my top overall holding and I maintain a 2025 LCID Price Target of $125 per share.

My Options Portfolio

I trade weekly call and put options on Robinhood for quick gains plus hold LEAPS. Read my Robinhood review and How to Trade Options on Robinhood.

Company Name (Ticker)# of Contracts
BBBY Jan 23 calls $80 strike5

My Crypto Portfolio

Cryptocurrency is a smaller but growing part of my portfolio. I believe cryptocurrency is a must-own asset class as governments continue to devalue currency through mass inflation. I buy all of my cryptocurrency using Coinbase.

CryptocurrencyTotal Amount
Bitcoin (BTC)0.34
Litecoin (LTC)4.47

You can figure out how much crypto you should hold in your portfolio based on your age and risk tolerance. Right now, I’m invested in the older cryptocurrencies that use the Proof of Work model.

However, I plan to buy some web 3.0 altcoins such as Decentraland (MANA) once Bitcoin bottoms out. That will be a sign of the crypto market bottoms and could lead to a massive altcoin season.

My Real Estate Crowdfunding Portfolio

I invest in real estate crowdfunding through Fundrise. I have around $1,400 in my Fundrise account so it’s not a big part of my portfolio. Read my Fundrise review for more information.