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I'd like to welcome a new sponsor to my blog: Stockguru small cap stock picks. This isn't the first time I've frequented Stockguru, and I'm excited to open a business relationship with their company. I always introduce new sponsors to my readers, so here's a review on Review

Stockguru is a specialized small cap stock picking service run by John Pentony, a former stock broker at Merrill Lynch. His site started out as a stock picking newsletter, and grew into a fully staffed business in just 4 years.

Snapshot of Stockguru's Homepage

Stockguru Small Cap Stocks Homepage Picture

StockGuru Stock Picks

Stockguru recommends 20 stocks per month on average as “Guru Picks.” Stockguru endorses these picks, but also offers a secondary lineup of stock picks known as “honorable mention Guru Picks.”

Some of Stockguru's latest picks are:

  • Semiconductor Corporation (ONNN)
  • Kopin Corporation (KOPN)
  • Intel Corporation (INTC)

Semiconductor Corp. and Intel are great long stock plays. The semiconductor industry changes every given year, and has plenty of room for organic growth. The Intel pick appears thrown out of left field since Intel Corporation is large, multi-billion dollar corporation. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt a small cap service to recommend an 800 pound gorilla as long as the recommendation deserves serious consideration.

Background on Darkside Picks (aka Short Plays)

In addition to long recommendations, Stockguru features another stock picking service called Darkside picks. When I saw the headline at first, I was unsure of its premise and intentions. Luckily, I found additional information on the purpose of the darkside picks.

With the latest version of the site, we have added our “Guru Darkside” for paid members. I was tired of not having an outlet for obvious (and occasionally not so obvious) short plays. These will never include OTC stocks, but will be strictly limited to listed stocks that have turned the wrong way. Most of these picks will be optionable for those who cannot short the stocks. (Source: Stockguru About Us Page)

While I prefer to trade put options rather than short stocks, borrowing shares and shorting them is a good way to profit from market downturns. Stockguru's latest short picks include:

  • Nexen Inc. (NXY)
  • Synopsys, Inc. (SNPS)
  • UAP Holding Corporation (UAPH)

I'm not experienced in shorting stocks, but would love to read your insight on short plays. What do you think of their picks?

Stockguru's Stock Picking Performance

Stock Guru Recent Stock Pick Performance

The screenshot above depicts 12 of Stockguru's recommendations, which have returned more than 70% in the past 6 months. 4 of Stockguru's stock picks returned more than a whopping 100% since October: GNVC, VYYO, HRVE, PNCL. These are some great picks! Hopefully, my latest buy DROOY will follow suit.

Join the E-mail List for Free

Annual memberships cost $199, and grant you access to Stockguru's picks on a daily basis. However, you can save some money and gain access to Stockguru's recommendations by subscribing to the free newsletter. The only difference is e-mail subscribers receive stock picks 7 days after they are introduced to paying members. It took 3 seconds to subscribe, and seeing as I rarely turn down free knowledge, signing up was a given!

There you have it. My very first review of I hope buying a text link on my sidebar was worth the cost.

Please visit my sponsors (Stockguru runs a blog, too!). Running a website isn't free, ya know.

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