Are you finance or stock market related company looking to generate leads & signups for your product/app?

Investor Trip is a fast growing investment community with over 16k Youtube subscribers, 500+ twitter followers and reaches over 15k website visitors monthly.

Our goal is to deliver signups and leads to download your app, purchase your product, or sign up to your email newsletter.

We only want to work with companies that want robust sign up growth for their product/app.

Right now, we are working with several affiliate partners to send warm referrals via our website, Youtube channel, and twitter account.

Current Partners

Here is a list of our current partners along with some of the results we’ve achieved.


Webull reached out to us in 2020 and we joined their Webull Influencer Program to spread the word about their stock market & crypto trading app.

In January 2021, we produce the following results:

  • 97 account sign ups
  • 38 opened accounts
  • 8 accounts with over $100 deposited

We will continue to promote Webull’s excellent stock trading platform and will work towards our referral volume in the future.

Partner with Us

If you want to increase sign ups for your product/app then reach out to us: