New Look for the Stock Market Search Engine

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Posting has been light/non-existent lately since a various number of web projects and dot com acquisitions have commanded the bulk of my time. I have some exciting web properties to tell you about, but most are still under construction. Once these sites are up and running, I will tell you how much I spent on each domain, and what my expected return on investment for each web property is.

In the meantime, I was able to redesign the Stock market search engine, giving it a much cleaner look and feel.

Stock market Search Engine

If you aren't familiar with the Stock market search engine, it uses Google technology to store only stock market related websites and blogs in the index. I hand picked each and every site in the index, which saves you time by leading you directly to the best investing resources on the web.

Please consider playing around with the search engine for a bit, and contact me if you have any suggestions or concerns.

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