Get Your FICO Score Now offers a service that has great value to every consumer. When you are preparing to apply for a car loan, mortgage or if you are thinking about getting a home equity loan to put your child through college then you need to know your FICO score to see what kind of credit terms you can expect. The higher your FICO credit score the better your credit terms will be. Ordering credit reports on a regular basis to monitor your credit score can get expensive.

In this MyFICO review we will discuss how MyFICO helps you to maintain your score, and the other services it offers. We will also discuss why you need to be careful when you sign up for MyFICO and some of your alternatives.

The Biggest Benefit of


The biggest advantage to MyFICO is the comprehensive credit monitoring services that they offer. You can receive updates on your mobile phone, in your email or log in to your online account and check out your credit scores. This is helpful in tracking any changes that may occur in your credit reports, and it also helps you to see any suspicious activity as it is just starting. With these MyFICO services you can protect yourself from potential identity theft and watch for any credit accounts added to your profile that may not be yours.

Another positive service offered by MyFICO is the comprehensive library the site offers of credit help topics. There is information on applying for and managing credit cards, understanding mortgages and car loans, how to manage your debt and a comprehensive library on student loans. This is the kind of valuable information that consumers need to help manage their debt and keep their obligations under control. It is a service that seems to offer more information that most other credit management services, and it does so at no charge to the consumer.

Your Comprehensive MyFico FICO Score History

This MyFICO review also took a look at the library of information the site offers just on understanding the FICO score alone. No stone is left unturned as MyFICO offers a very comprehensive library on what a FICO score is, why it is important, what things can affect it, where you can find more information on it and how you can improve it. This is the kind of real world advice that a consumer needs to alter his spending and credit habits to improve his FICO score. It could take several hours to go through all of the information available on FICO scores, but it is well worth the read.

Another nice service of the MyFICO site is the interactive forum it offers. Consumers can carry on discussions with credit experts on how to improve their credit score and find out what things affect it. There are also discussions about identity theft, saving for retirement, tax laws and a variety of other financial topics. This is an excellent resource for any consumer that is looking for answers to their credit issues immediately. Just like the libraries of information, this service is also free.


Is a Scam?

As great as MyFICO is for the average credit consumer, there is a sort of MyFICO scam involved in the way that they get people interested in their service. Their website advertises a free credit report for anyone that asks for it. But the problem is that in order to get your free credit report you need to commit to a three month contract of their basic credit monitoring service. Once again, the credit monitoring service offered by MyFICO is comprehensive and worth the money if you want to constantly monitor your credit score. But the initial advertising is a little misleading.

According to federal law, any consumer is entitled to one free copy of their credit report from all three of the main credit reporting agencies every 12 months. So the MyFICO scam here is that MyFICO is offering you something for free that you can get on your own anyways, and then forcing you into a three month contract at the same time. To their credit, MyFICO is not deceptive about it. They just don’t tell you that you can get free credit reports on your own. The key here is the same with any great and free offer; always do your research and ask a lot of questions.

Save Money with Our Exclusive Promotion Code

Contact MyFICO and ask about getting a MyFICO promo code to help you save some money on your paid subscription. That would be the better way to take advantage of the MyFICO service. Getting a discount on their service when you know what you are paying for is much better than being lured into a full-charge membership for three months with something you can get on your own for free. Contact Trans Union, Experian and Equifax and ask for a copy of your free credit report without having to commit three months to MyFICO.


For all of its marketing faults, MyFICO is actually a very nice website. It has free services that are of significant value to any credit consumer. If you are looking for information and ideas on how to improve your credit score, then MyFICO offers a comprehensive library of information. If you feel like you want to monitor your credit scores on a regular basis then MyFICO is one of the more efficient ways to monitor all three reporting agencies at the same time. Conclusion

The key is to not get drawn in by the free credit report. Getting a free credit report from MyFICO is far from free, and it is something you are entitled to by federal law anyways. If you look over the MyFICO site and feel the service is worth the price, then you can get your free credit report and gladly pay for the service at the same time. But be sure the service is something you want before you go about paying for a free credit report.

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