14 Stocks I Own in my Stash Invest Portfolio

Are you looking for some stocks to add to your Stash Invest portfolio? If so, let's take a glance at my current holdings in my Stash Invest Account.

SymbolCompany NameDividend YieldAnnual Performance Since Inception
DISWalt Disney Company1.30%16.45%
DGDollar General0.93%23.01%
YUMYum Brands
BYNDBeyond Meat

Match Group

The owners of Tinder still control the biggest market share in the online dating industry. This is a non-cylicial industry since people will always be looking to date and partner up. 


Their cloud based business is taking off and I use their products like Windows and Skype on a regular basis. The majority of the modern world relies on their services (even if they don't know it). I like them as a super safe long term play with a nice dividend.


Google and Youtube are two of the most valuable internet properties in the world and I don't see competitors doing much to their market share in the near future. My only takeway from Alphabet is that they do not pay a dividend.

Dollar General

Dollar General's strategy is to take over middle America with their smaller than Walmart discount stores. 

Walt Disney Company

Disney is pumping out billion dollar box offices on a regular basis plus own a majority stake in Hulu. Once they launch their Disney+ subscription service, I expect their revenue to increase quite a bit. The company has a well established brand and also pays a nice dividend as well. 


Paypal was the first stock I added to my Stash app portfolio because I use the company every day and could not imagine life without it. My online business depends on Paypal to receive payments from clients and pay for my monthly expenses.


Amazon is another company poised to benefit from the “Retail Apocalpoyse” because more consumers are making purchases online. Thousands of stores are closing in the USA every year due to the power of Amazon. I think owning a portion of Amazon makes a lot of sense because I personally subscribe to their Amazon Kindle Unlimited and use their services a lot.


I'm bullish on digital payment stocks in the long term and Mastercard is a strong player in the growing credit card processing & digital payments industry. Revenue and net income continues to grow while total transaction volume remains positive. Apple partnered with Mastercard to provide credit card processing services for their upcoming Apple Card, which is another good reason to like Mastercard stock.


An alternative to Mastercard is Visa but I happen to currently own both stocks right now. I'll eventually sell one of the positions but am happy to own both at the moment.

Booking.com Holdings

I earn most of my income online and travel a lot during the year so I know just how important sites like Booking.com and Agoda are to my wellbeing. AirBNB is a great option but I've found the Booking's network of sites to be a lot cheaper than AirBNB. Whenever I travel to a new city, I use their sites to stay in affordable hotel rooms or cheap hostels and notice how much their fees add up. This is a pure play on the growing travel industry.

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