Build Your Own AGLOCO Landing Site

After much talk about promoting AGLOCO, I still remained indecisive as to how I would promote the money making opportunity. My first thought was to create an AGLOCO blog, but my heart belongs to one and only one blog, Investor Trip. Instead, a simple web page fit the bill.

It only took me 10 minutes total to launch my web page because I left out unnecessary images and lengthy content. A brief explanation of AGLOCO is all you need. So to better promote the benefits of AGLOCO, I launched AGLOCO 411, a short and simple explanation of how AGLOCO works and why you should sign up.

My AGLOCO expenses so far:

Domain Name Purchase through Godaddy – $7.20 (Godaddy coupons)

I’ve spent only $7.20 total during nearly 2 months of AGLOCO promotion. No one has to spend any money, but I felt creating a short web page would be more efficient than simply using the plain old referral URL. Feel free to check it out, and leave your suggestions. I translated the page into Spanish, and may consider adding other translations depending on how the first couple of weeks turn out.

Overall, it’s a small investment to make in a company that could be takeover bait if successful.

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