Top 17 Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $5 for 2020

Monthly dividend stocks reward investors with consistent, monthly income for retirement or overall portfolio growth.

These companies are priced under $5 yet still pay investors every 30 days like clockwork. However, some of these tickers are ETF and closed-end funds, not just company stocks.

List of Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $5

SymbolCompany NameAnnual DividendDividend Yield
GROWU.S. Global Investors, Inc. Cl A$0.031.69%
DHYCredit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund$0.238.98%
CIFMFSIntermediate High Income Fund Sh Ben Int$0.249.47%
PVLPermianville Royalty Trust$0.259.58%
DHFDreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund Shs Ben Int$0.268.49%
CIKCredit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund, Inc.$0.278.63%
GOROGold Resource Corp$0.020.63%
MINMFSIntermediate Income Trust Shs. Ben. Int.$0.359.01%
FAXAberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc.$0.337.99%
VVRInvesco Van Kampen Senior Income Trust$0.286.63%
GGNGabelli Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Trust Com Shs Ben Int$0.6013.99%
PIMPutnam Master Intermediate Income Trust Shs Ben Int$0.367.86%
MGFMFSGovernment Markets Income Trust Shs. Ben. Int.$0.357.50%
PPRINGPrime Rate Trust Shs Ben Int$0.326.92%
CMUMFSHigh Yield Municipal Trust Sh Ben Int$0.224.58%
AMZAETFis Series Trust IETF$0.9619.75%
PBTPermian Basin Royalty Trust Units Ben. Int.$0.5210.67%

Stock data updated as of August 21st, 2019

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