Top 10 Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $10 for 2020

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Monthly dividend stocks reward investors with consistent, monthly income for retirement or overall portfolio growth.

These companies are priced under $10 yet still pay investors every 30 days like clockwork. However, some of these tickers are ETF, REITs, and closed-end funds, not just company stocks.

List of Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $10

SymbolCompany NameAnnual DividendDividend Yield
OXLCOxford Lane Capital Corporation$1.6215.71%
CENCenter Coast MLP & Infrastructure$1.2520.23%
PHTPioneer High Income Trust
CPTACapitala Finance Corp
GECCGreat Elm Capital Corp
BCXBlackRock Resources and Commodities
PSECProspect Capital Corporation$0.7210.94%
SRFCushing Royalty & Income Fund$0.487.92%
NCVAGIC Convertible & Income Fund
BCXBlackRock Resources and Commodities$0.628.09%
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