Top 14 Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $10 for December 2022

Monthly dividend stocks reward investors with consistent, monthly income for retirement or overall portfolio growth. This is especially important if you’re a retiree who relies on extra income after you stop working.


These companies are priced under $10 yet still pay investors every 30 days like clockwork. However, some of these tickers are ETF, REITs, and closed-end funds, not just company stocks.


There are currently 14 companies that pay a monthly dividend and have a publicly-traded stock price of less than $10.


Complete List of Monthly Dividend Stocks Under $10

TickerCompany NameLast PriceMarket CapAnnual Dividend (Yield)
GROWU.S. Global Investors$2.9543.4M#N/A
ITUBItau$5.04240.6B2.72 (1.13%)
BRMKBroadmark Reality Capital$3.97527.7M0.81 (19.88%)
PBTPErmian Basin Royalty Trust$20.91974.6M1.14 (5.64%)
PSECProspect Capital$7.713.1B0.72 (9.40%)
AFINAmerican Fin Trust$1,132.57#N/A#N/A
SJTSan Juan Basin Royalty Trust$11.60540.7M1.68 (14.42%)
PRTPermrock Royalty Trust$7.5091.2M1.08 (13.95%)
AVALGrupo Aval$2.332.7B#N/A
ORCOrchid Island Capital$185.26327.4B1.92 (17.60%)
OXSQOxford Square Capital$185.26160.4M0.42 (13.95%)
BBDBanco Brodesco$185.26153.3B0.08 (2.79%)
CHRRFChorus Aviation$185.26651.8M#N/A
PVLPermianville Royalty Trust$185.26115.2M0.41 (11.57%)

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1 year ago

Some of these are so small ,and do not know how good is their Balance Sheet is. They may wgo under over night!