2 Best Marijuana Stocks that Pay Dividends

Marijuana dividend stocks are few and far between due to criminalization of Marijuana and Cannabis-related products on the U.S. federal level. However, investors should pay special attention to the Cannabis industry because Senate Democrats are planning to pass a bill that could legalize Marijuana on the federal level as early as 2023.

Right now, there aren’t many dividend-paying companies with direct exposure to the Marijuana industry. Companies such as Abbvie (NASDAQ: ABBE) and Scotts Miracle-Grow (NASDAQ: HAHD) have a bit of indirect exposure but do not generate revenue directly from the Cannabis industry.

In this article, I will cover only stocks that either own a substantial stake in a Cannabis company or generate the bulk of its reserves through the Cannabis industry.

Marijuana Stocks That Pay Dividends

  • Constellation Brands
  • Innovative Industrial Properties (NASDAQ: IIPR)

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