MARA Stock Price Prediction Forecast for 2025: $250

MY MARA Price Prediction is $250 per share in 2022. I like the stock. I want to give you my thesis on why I bought MARA stock and how I believe the stock will play itself out over the next couple of years.

This isn’t financial advice. I’m just giving you my entire thought process and combining hours of research on one page.

MARA Price Forecast for 2022, 2025, and 2030

InvestorTrip’s 2022 Price Target for MARA stock is $10. The crypto market will remain bearish and won’t reverse trends until early 2030. Don’t expect much from crypto mining stocks as long as Jerome Powell aggressively raises interest rates.

IInvestorTrip predicts Marathon Digital Holdings stock will reach $250 per share by 2025. The bull case is strong for MARA due to the 2024 Bitcoin halving, which will reduce the supply of mineable BTC by half and cause a supply shock.

In 2030, crypto adoption will be mainstream and MARA stock could trade at $2,000 a share or higher.

MARA Price Targets for 2025

2025 Price Target (per share)Details
Fair Value: $250Bitcoin soars to $500,000 per coin and MARA maintains the largest BTC holdings of all publicly traded miners
Bull Case: $400Crypto adoption accelerates and BTC tops $600,000 per coin
Bear Base: $100Crypto adoption slows down and MARA dilutes shareholders by selling stock to fund growth


Marathon Digital Holdings is a Bitcoin mining company that operates in North Texas and North Dakota, USA. The company plans to become the #1 BTC miner in North America by scaling its miners to nearly 200k by 2023.


MARA stock price is closely correlated to Bitcoin so the company’s value will rise and fall along with the crypto market.

My Investment Thesis

The crypto winner sent all bitcoin mining stocks crashing in price but this is completely normal for cryptocurrencies.

Marathon owns over 10k BTC and can use its strong balance sheet to either sell BTC at a profit or HODL for long-term gains.

Inflation has reduced the purchasing power of the United States dollar and it’s only a matter of time until the world uses Bitcoin as the global reserve currency.


MARA stock could soar once Bitcoin breaks the $100,000 barrier and pushes towards $500,000 per coin by 2025.

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