The 10 Best Silver Coins to Buy for Investment in 2021

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If you are looking to collect or invest in 1 oz silver bullion coins, then you probably don’t know where to start.

There are lots of great options like the 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda or 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf for beginners. However, I think it’s best to see every bullion coin available so you can make an educated choice on which coin to buy.

Inspired by a forum post, I have gathered a list of every 2017 1 oz silver coin around the world that’s backed by a government mint. This list does not include 1 oz silver rounds because they are generally less popular with investors and resell from a much lower premium.

NamePhotoCountryProduced ByDiameterPurityFace Value (Denomination)Weight
American Silver Eagle2016 1 oz American Silver EagleUnited States of AmericaU.S. Mint40.66mm99.9% Silver$1 US dollar1 troy oz
Canandian Silver Maple Leaf2016 1 oz silver maple leafCanadaRoyal Canadian Mint38mm99.99% Silver$5 Canadian Dollars1 troy oz
British Silver Britannia2016 1 oz Silver BritEnglandBritish Royal Mint38.61mm99.9% Silver2 Pounds1 troy oz
Australian Silver Kangaroo2016 1 oz Australian Silver KangarooAustraliaPerth Mint40.6mm99.99% Silver$1 Australian Dollar1 troy oz
Chinese Silver Panda2016 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda CoinChinaChinese Mint40mm99.9% Silver10 Yuan30gms
Somalian Silver Elephant2016 1 oz Somalian Silver Elephant CoinSomaliaBavarian State Mint39mm99.9% Silver100 Somalian Shillings1 troy oz
Rwanda Silver African Meerkat2016 1 oz Rwanda Silver Meerkat CoinRwandaBH Mayer Mint40mm99.99% Silver50 Francs1 troy oz
Austraian Silver Philharmonic Coin2016 1 oz Austrian Silver coinAustriaAustrian Mint37mm99.9% Silver1.50 Euros1 troy oz
Mexican Silver Libertad2016 1 oz Mexican Silver LibertadMexicoThe Mexican Mint40mm99.9% SilverN/A1 troy oz
Silver 500 Drams Noah’s Ark2016 1 oz Armenian Silver CoinArmeniaGeiger Edelmetalle Mint38.6mm99.9% Silver500 Drams1 troy oz

2016 Silver Coins Released

2016 1-ounce Silver American Eagle The American Silver Eagle coin is described as the most popular bullion coin in the world. 2016 is the 30th Anniversary of the coin’s release. The obverse includes an Adolph A. Weinman’s depiction of Lady Liberty wearing the Star-Spangled Banner as a cape, while the Sun emerges from the horizon behind her. On the reverse, a heraldic eagle is shown with a constellation of 13 stars, representing the original 13 U.S. states. The coin is minted in 1 troy ounce of .999 fine Silver.

2016 1-ounce Silver Maple Leaf – The Canadian counterpart to the American Silver Eagle is the Silver Maple Leaf coin. The obverse contains a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse has an engraving of a maple leaf, along with the phrases “Fine Silver 1 oz. Argent Pur”. “Canada”, and “9999”. It also contains a micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark. The coin contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine Silver.

2016 1-ounce Silver Britannia Coin – The Silver Britannia coins’ observe contains the 5th effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse has a depiction of Britannia, the national symbol of England. Britannia is seen carrying a trident, symbolizing Great Britain’s tradition as a sea power. She also carries a shield with the Union Jack on its face, while wearing a Greek helm with plume. Like the American Eagle and Maple Leaf coins, it contains 1 oz. of .999 fine Silver.

2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Kangaroo – The official silver coin for Australia is the 2016 Silver Kangaroo coin. The obverse of this coin includes the iconic effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II engraved by Ian Rank-Broadley. On the reverse is the traditional red kangaroo, which was depicted by Dr. Stuart Devlin. This coin was minted by the Perth Mint.

2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Kookaburra – The Silver kookaburra coin depicts a kookaburra bird sitting on a fence with the Australian landscape in the background. The obverse of the coin has the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadly, which is the symbol of the Perth Mint.

2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Koala – The Silver Koala is the third of three silver coins minted by the Perth Mint which symbolizes Australia. The reverse of the coin depicts a koala on a tree branch. The obverse contains the Ian Rank-Broadly depiction of Queen Elizabeth. Backed by the Australian government, the coin has a limited mintage of 300,000 coins for the first time ever.

2016 Australia 1 oz. Silver Lunar Monkey – Though it honors China, the Silver Lunar Monkey coin is issued by the Perth Mint. The monkey is a key figure in Chinese mythology and literature. The monkey is the symbol of longevity, cleverness, and immortality. The reverse of this coin shows an adult and baby monkey. The baby eats a peach. The obverse shows the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II engraved by Ian Rank-Broadly.

2016 China 30 gram Silver Panda – The Silver Panda coin is the national coin for the Republic of China. On the obverse is the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Heaven, which is one of the key landmarks in Beijing. On the reverse is a panda climbing on a tree branch. The silver coin has a value of 10 Yuan, which is backed by the Bank of China.

2016 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant – The Somalia Silver Elephant coin is a major departure from the designs of the other national coins. The obverse of the coin contains an elephant on the savannah, obviously commanding the scenery as it raises its trunk to give its roar. The moon is prominent in the background. On the reverse, the Somalian coat of arms is depicted, a pair of beautifully engraved spotted leopards. The reverse also contains the words “100 Shillings” and “2016”. This coin was first released by the Bavarian State Mint in Germany in 2004, which continues to mint the coin in 2016.

2016 Rwanda 1 oz. Silver African Meerkat – The Rwandan Silver Meerkat coin is even more unconventional. On its obverse is a depiction of the entire continent of Africa, along with a beautiful family of 3 meerkats standing to look for predators. On the reverse is the national seal of Rwanda, along with the phrases “Banki Nkuru Y’U Rwanda” and “Amafaranga Mirongo Itanu”.

2016 Austria 1 oz. Silver Philharmonic Coin – The obverse of the Silver Philharmonic coin includes a depiction of The Great Organ of the Golden Hall. The organ is located in the Musikverein, Vienna’s most storied concert hall. On the reverse is a number of symphonic instruments, including the violin, cello, harp, bassoon, and French horn. This coin is minted by the Austrian Mint.

2016 Armenia 1 oz. Silver 500 Drams Noah’s Ark – Mt. Ararat on the border between Armenia and Turkey is thought by many to be the location of Noah’s ark, which is why the Biblical story is depicted on the national coin of Armenia. The reverse of the coin has a depiction by Eduard Kurghinyan of Noah’s ark, complete with a dove carrying an olive branch. The dove’s carrying a tree branch was a sign the water had subsided from the world. The obverse of the coin depicts the coat of arms of Armenia, as well as the words “500 DRAM”.

2016 Great Britain 1 oz. Silver Year of the Silver Monkey – This is the third year in a popular series from the British Royal Mint. 2016 is the “Year of the Monkey”. The reverse of the coin depicts two rhesus monkeys swinging through the trees. The obverse of the coin depicts a picture of Queen Elizabeth II.

2016 Mexico 1 oz. Silver Libertad – The Mexican Libertad is gaining popularity due to its unique properties and old track record. Mexican Silver Libertad coins maintain immense popularity and demand through lower mintages. On the obverse of the coin is the image of Winged Victory, a symbol of freedom and justice during the Mexican Revolution against Spanish colonial rule.

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