10 Largest Holdings in the S&P 500

The S&P 500 index is a weighted index that comprises of 500 large cap American companies representing the broader US stock market.

This list contains the top 10 largest holdings in the index along with their tickey symbol, index weighting, market cap, and stock price as of May 4, 2020.

CompanyPriceMarket CapWeight
Microsoft (MSFT)$177.22$1.3 trillion5.673947%
Apple (AAPL)$290.38$1.2 trillion5.143864%
Amazon (AMZN)$2,315.86$1.1 trillion4.056448%
Facebook (FB)$203.13$576 billion2.074249%
Alphabet Inc. Class A (GOOGL)$1,302.15$900 brillion1.681999%
Alphabet Inc Class C (GOOG) $1,307.09$900 brillion1.681835%
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)$147.31$390 billion1.663139%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc CLass B (BRK.B)$177.22$440 billion1.522656%
Visa Class A (B)$175.98$389 billion1.280456%
JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM)$91.37$284 billion1.246083%

S&P 500 Index Investing

The S&P 500 is one of the most popular indices for investing. Many investors trade S&P 500 ETFs such as SPY or VOO to track the overall performance of the S&P 500.

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