How to Make Big Money Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Recently, I've been researching a relatively new opportunity for investors interested in earning a positive ROI while enjoying sports such as football, basketball, soccer and even hockey.

Daily fantasy sports is a spinoff of traditional season long games where you pick a roster of players for 1 day or week then earn points based on their game performances.

Why should this interest investors?

Currently, Draftkings is holding a $27 tournament where 1st place gets $1 million. This is an incredible ROI and you only need to beat out 92,500 other players.

How long would it take to turn $27 into a million buying and selling stocks?

Of course, there is risk involved. If you fail to choose the right team of players, then you lose your initial investment.

If you are interested in learning more about daily fantasy sports, then check out the following articles on how to get started:

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