How to Invest $100 in Bitcoin: Will You Become a Millionaire?

If you have $100 to invest and are looking for massive ROI over the long term then Bitcoin is probably the safest bet around.

There are many people wondering the same question: What will happen if I invest $100 in Bitcoin?

The goal of this article is to educate you on how just a $100 investment in Bitcoin can yield massive returns if you understand the basics of Bitcoin and hold your BTC for a long time.

Small amounts can yield massive results if you stick to the course and let compound interest works its magic. Let’s get it!

How to Invest $100 in Bitcoin: 4 Simple Steps

  1. Choose a trusted crypto exchange such as Coinbase, BlockFI, or Voyager
  2. Verify your account using your passport or state ID
  3. Link your credit card or bank account to your crypto account
  4. Buy $100 worth of BTC at the current market price

How Much is $100 in Bitcoin Worth?

Let’s quickly understand how much $100 in Bitcoin is currently worth. According to CoinMarketCap, $100 USD equals 0.00003023 BTC or 3,023 satoshis.

Bitcoin is a deflationary asset that was designed to increase in value over time through its halving cycle. The Halving cycle reduces the amount of mineable BTC every 4 years.

That means your Bitcoin will fluculate in price over the short term but increase in value over the long run due to scarcity. Long term BTC holders understand that just a small amount of BTC can really add up after a few years.

Can You Invest Just $100 in Bitcoin?

Yes. A lot of people think you need to buy an entire Bitcoin to invest in cryptocurrency. Most crypto exchanges allow you to buy fractional Bitcoin with small dollar amounts.

For example, Coinbase has $2 minimum BTC purchases so you can dollar cost average your Bitcoin over time.

Should You Invest $100 in Bitcoin Today?

As a long term Bitcoin HODLer, I believe it’s a good idea to buy Bitcoin ASAP. Global Bitcoin adoption is getting bigger and every day is an opportunity to invest in Bitcoin before the price goes to the moon.

Will Investing $100 in Bitcoin Make You a Millionaire?

If you hold long enough then I believe it’s possible. The truth is it may take 15 to 20 years for a $100 BTC investment to turn you into a US dollar millionaire.

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