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Background on ING Direct

ING Direct’s Orange Savings Account is one of the first banks to offer high yield online savings to online customers. With over 20 million satisfied customers worldwide, ING Direct provides a safe and secure (backed by $100,000 FDIC Insurance) product for savvy money savers.

ING Direct Orange Savings Benefits

Make Your Savings Work for You at 4.10% APY

Save Money on Overdraft, Maintenance, and Unnecessary Fees

Watch Your Interest Savings Grow Daily

Feel Safe & Secure About Where Your Savings is Held

Account Opening Process

My ING Direct orange savings account was live within 15 minutes. The short 4-page application wasn’t very tedious, and I setup my checking account transfers once I received my confirmation e-mail. Since ING Direct has been around for over 100 years, you can feel comfortable about security measures & other factors that newer financial institutions may slack up on.

The 4 Orange Savings Application Steps include:

  1. Entering your personal information for account opening purposes
  2. Agreement to ING Direct’s terms and conditions – a pretty standard step for most financial institutions to avoid legal matters.
  3. Make a Electronic Deposit from an existing checking account – That’s why you must link your checking account to ING so you can deposit at least $1 when you sign up.
  4. Review your Information, Submit the ING savings application, and Await Orange Savings Confirmation – Once you review everything and submit your application, ING will review your submission then confirm your account. Congrats! You officially opened your Orange Savings account.

Once your account is confirmed, you will be given a special customer number and may choose a personalized customer PIN to access your account. Also, ING recommends choosing a special icon that shows up when you log into your account. This is one of ING’s extra security measures to ensure safety of ING high yield savings account customers.

ING Direct Orange Savings Features

High Interest 4.1% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) – Earn high yield on your ING Direct online bank high interest savings account.

No Extra Fees

No Service Charges

No Required Minimum Balances. No questions asked.

24 Hours Account Access

Free Automatic Savings Plan – The key to building wealth is to pay yourself first. With ING Direct Savings, you can transfer a fixed amount of money at regular intervals to your ING Direct Orange Savings Account from your linked external checking account. This is a simple way to build wealth and grow your ING Direct savings balance over time.

FDIC Insurance up to $100,000 – All deposits at ING Direct are insured up to $100,000 by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). FDIC insurance protects your deposits, and insures future safety for your hard earned money.

Make Your Money Work Hard with ING Direct Orange Savings

Things ING Direct Can Work On

  • Customer Number Confirmation Process – I have difficulty remembering my ING Direct customer number because it contains so many numbers. While you get obtain your customer number quickly by clicking the “Forget Your ING Customer Number” button, I would prefer a shorter and easier to remember access code in the future.

ING Direct Orange Savings Final Verdict

ING Direct is a leading in the online banking industry, and will continue to do so with great products like its Orange Savings program. I really enjoy having my account, and after 3 months of account access, have no problems so far.

I highly recommend opening an ING Direct Orange Savings online account to earn a higher yield on your savings, and protect yourself from frivolous accounting fees. It really pays when you bank with the best.

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Save Money and Make Money with ING Direct’s 4.10% APY Orange Savings