Finance Blog Income Report Q3 2023

Welcome to my first quarterly finance blog income report! Q3 isn’t quite over yet so I wanted to provide guidance on our business before the quarter finishes.

Income for Q3 2023

Right now, we’re on track to generate just under $1,000 from the blog in Q3. This is due to a lot of new changes and strategies that I implemented during the quarter.

We’ve brought back Google Adsense and have several ideas to improve affiliate revenue while putting more emphasis on user experience.

Traffic Report

Traffic was extremely low in July due to inactivity and issues with my Wordpress hosting (everything is okay now).

August traffic was just under 5k visitors but September looks a lot lower due to fewer social media posts being shared.

Q4 2023 Guidance

I expect things to remain a bit underwhelming as we continue updating older content and adding new content to the website. I also plan to jump back on Youtube ASAP to provide more video and audio content along with blog posts.

Lessons Learned

  • Stay consistent: Consistency is so important and I really want to post daily throughout Q4 2023 to see what kind of impact I can make.