Top 9 HyperGrowth Stocks to Buy for September 2020

Hypergrowth stocks are companies that return more than 40% CAGR annually. These companies are usually fast growing stocks in high margin industries like technology, software, or new emerging sectors.

I put together this list to keep track of all these fast growing companies in one place. Bookmark this page for future reference!

CompanyYTD Price Performance
DexCom (DXCM)66%
Draftkings (DKNG)275%
Fiverr (FVRR)207%
Okta (OKTA)66%
Paypal (PYPL)41%
Peloton (PTON)195%
Shopify (SHOP)86%
Square (SQ)44%
Tesla (TSLA)105%

HyperGrowth Stocks FAQ

Why Invest in Hypergrowth stocks?

Many investors, especially millenials, want to index in fast growing companies to grow their portfolios quickly. Hyper-growth stocks provide investors with 40%+ annual gains without the added risks of investing in penny stocks. These companies grow revenue at a fast pace, which attracts a lot of investors and sends the stock price even higher.

If you're young then building a hyper growth stock portfolio will take you one step closer to financial freedom in the future.

What are the Risks of investing in hypergrowth stocks?

Hyper-Growth companies grow revenue at a fast pace but many remain unprofitable for a while. You're investing on the belief that management will lower costs and make the company profitable while gaining market share.

If revenue falls then hypergrowth stocks can selloff quickly, leading to massive losses. It's important to maintain a long term strategy with these companies so you don't get caught up in the everyday stock market swings.

Use stop loss orders to minimize risk and stick to options trading if you are only interested in short term profits.

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