HSBC Direct Online Savings account review

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HSBC DIRECT grows your savings at an annual rate of 5.05% APY.

HSBC Direct Online Savings earns mad money on your online savings account if you’d only give it a chance. A stunning 5.05% allows your money to grow nearly nine times more than holding your savings in a traditional bank. Take a look at what HSBC Direct bank savings has to offer:

  • No minimums – you can literally keep $1 dollar in the account.
  • No Fees – no transaction or limit fees.

Automate Your Online Savings Deposits

All you have to do is link your existing checking account to HSBC Direct savings banking. Once linked, you can transfer money in and out of the account at your convenience or spend it with your HSBC Online Banking Savings ATM card. Based out of London, HSBC allows its customers to access their savings account via ATM card. HSBC gives account holders full autonomy over one of the best savings account available on the web.

Grow Your Savings!

This account is great for stashing short term savings because of the 5.05% APY and ATM card feature. Not only will the high yield grow your short term cash, your yearly returns grow as well. It’s comparable to holding bonds or earning 5% annual return on a stock portfolio. That’s a great return on a conservative portfolio, so get an account now!

Note: HSBC (symbol: HBC) stock currently trades at $95.

Update: HSBC Direct is offering a special promotional 6% APY through April 30th, 2007.

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