How Write Any Caption Above Any Picture Using Movavi

Movavi Photo Editor has a text panel where you can add text caption onto your photo. Even though the text addition tool is designed to be easy to use, users are also able to reference tutorials at the Movavi site on how to use it. To create a photo with text, you must first click the Browse for Images button to bring up the find file dialog box. It is also possible to open the image files by dragging the images onto the gray space that says drag and drop your image files here. Once the image is opened, you must select on the Text tab from the toolbar on top.

You will have to add a text box into the photo before you can type in the text. The text box frame has dotted border and an x button on the top left corner. To add a text box, all you need to do is to click on the Add Text button. You can move or resize the text box as you wish. If you want to add more than one lines of text, you can hit the Enter key on your keyboard and the cursor will go to the second line. To resize the text box, you can press on the blue two way arrow button and drag it until the text box reaches the desired size. Get more details at

More than one text box can be added onto the photo. The Text panel does not lack any of the basic text formatting feature so you should be able to format the text in the way you want without any problem. You can use any font style that is installed on your computer. If you need to use a new font style, you will have to install it and it will appear in the font style drop down menu. The size of the text can be changed to big or small according to your need. It also support the common bold, italic and underline text formatting. You can give the text a transparent appearance by adjusting the opacity slider. If you type the wrong text, you can click on the Remove All Text button to have all the text removed.

In Movavi Photo Editor, the space in between the characters can be adjusted by dragging the outline width slider. The color of the actual text can also be customized.  If you want the text to have an outline, you can choose a color from the outline color drop down menu. Choosing the text outline option will give the text an outline that has a different color than the color of the actual text. To make the text outline visible, make sure you use color that has good contrast for example black outline on white text.

Movavi Photo Editor allows you to rotate the text to make it look more interesting. If you drag the rotation slider to the right, the text will become tilted more and more in clockwise. If you drag the rotation slider to the left, the text will become titled more and more in anti-clockwise direction. You can click on the undo button at anytime when you want to undo the changes you make in the text editing. The hand tool at the bottom can be used to move a large picture to find the right spot for positioning the text box. If you wonder what is the size of the picture you just open, you can take a look at the bottom and you will see the resolution of the picture in width and height.

Before you quit the program, make sure you don’t forget to click on the Save As button to save the photo. You can save the photo in most of the common photo formats. After saving it, you can click on the next button at the bottom to continue editing the next photo.

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