How to Remove Your Blog from Google's Supplemental Index

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In order to keep this blog running at optimal performance, I dedicate my weekends to performing routine site maintenance. This includes checking whether or not Google properly indexes all of my blog's pages.

To my astonishment, 79% of my pages list in Google's supplemental index. Google stores either duplicate or less significant web pages in the supplemental index, instead of placing them in the normal index.

How Do I Check My Blog's Index Statistics?

Use the Supplemental index tool over at

How Do I Get my pages back into Google's Index?

Download the WordPress SEO cure plugin.

Extra Safety: Upload a Good Robots.txt File

To insure Google crawls and blocks specific files within your website/blog, make sure to upload a good robots.txt file. Not so Boring Life wrote a good post on getting your blog out of the supplemental index.

How many pages did you have listed in Google's supplemental Index?

*Update: My new posts keep falling into Google's supplemental index. Does anyone have SEO experience out there?

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