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How to Invest in Sports Cards

Investing in sports cards is a legit asset class especially after the COVID-19 pandemic sent the sports cards industry into a massive bubble.

Many older millennials collected sports cards when they were a kid and got interested in the hobby again due to last year’s forced lockdowns.

Also, many millennials have children of their own and can pass down their passion for the hobby to their kids. I’m extremely bullish on sports cards in the long run because they are printed at a fixed supply and people from all over the world love and cherish their favorite teams and players.

I wrote this guide for complete beginners who want to invest in sports cards for the first time.

  1. Start with a Reasonable Budget – You need at least $100 to get started as a sports card investor but a recommend a minimum budget of at least $500. $500 is enough to pick up some decent cards and flip them for a nice profit.
  2. Create an eBay Account – eBay is the the world’s largest online sports card marketplace and I do most of my shopping on their website. You can easily buy sports cards from sellers throught the United States and they have amazing deals if you spent time looking through the site.
  3. Create a COMC Account – COMC is my 2nd favorite sports card trading marketplace and I use it to buy ungraded cards in bulk for grading purposes. You won’t need COMC when you first start out but it will come in handy as you learn more about the industry. COMC also offers secure vault storage for your collection so you may consider sending some of your collection there for safe keeping. I keep a good amount of cards there just in case I want to flip them quickly.
  4. Start with PSA & BGS Graded Cards – Beginners should start with profesionally graded PSA & BGS cards until you get to know the industry better. Buying ungraded cards is a really hit or miss but I have found some amazing deals by educating myself about each player and carefully assessing the potential PSA/BGS graded value. If you’re just starting out then start with PSA/BGS 8, 9’s, and 10’s. You won’t get scammed and you have a good chance to resell for decent profits.
  5. Target Hall of Fame Rookies, Vintage Pre-80’s, and Current Rookies for Max Profits – Hall of Fame rookies is my bread and butter but these cards will trade at the high values. Vintage Pre-80’s cards are worth a ton if you can find them in decent condition. For beginners, I would start with the current rookie class or Future Hall of Fame players if you’re looking for quick flips. First year rookies get a lot of hype but their prices will cool off when next year’s draft class enters the league.

I’ll update this article for in the future.