How to Adopt a Winning Forex Trading Mindset

There are two ways a Forex trader thinks, which one are you?

Whatever type of trader you choose to be, your trading mindset theory will dramatically affect the potential income you would make. Not only in the Forex Markets, but in the totality of life your gonna live. This article has tips to be positive to produce more results.

The mind has much much more effect on the reality we are experiencing right now as much as we realize, people who take the initiative to take control can experience the positive effect of the outcome, as for the more ‘general’ masses that just let the ‘river of life’ determine the kind of live that they will have.

Results( income or quality of life) is directly proportional on the effort and thinking we put to it. As we all know that anything requiring little to no effort produces limited results, and anything that will require the mind to work as it should produces lasting and more consistent results.

Trading the financial markets, whether be it forex investing or the other markets, has many unspoken results to prove that this is true. The most common that are noticed are two, which do you think mindset successful traders have?


The Dependent Trader

Sadly, this type of mindset produces no results. This type of mindset involves wanting forex made easy, making it rich quick, and never wants to put any effort into the process of thinking and doing things that will lead to results that is wanted.

Most of this mindset are the ‘band wagon’ type, trade based not on learning, but on the forex tips that is ever present on all those ‘money-making’ trading programs, listen to all those financial gurus with expecting of a great return which in the end results to the opposite of it.

In more simple terms, they are like lottery players, they know the chances of winning are slim, like 1: 100,000 , yet when they know that there is a big pot of gold over that rainbow, they wager their money still and “hope for the best”. In the end all the negative thoughts are present if (and most probably) they don’t get what they want.


The result? Giving up. No wonder most people are scared in the money making in Forex, they expect big returns for such little effort. There is nothing wrong with the system, it has results, but people fail. Why? because of their mindset. Fear will take us nowhere.

If you possess this kind of mindset, there is always a way to have mindset change which will produce a lot greater results.

On the other side of the coin,there is the Independent Mindset.

The Independent Trader

This trader has the mindset set on success, nothing more. The control over their financial future is theirs. Traders like this have learned (or are learning) to control the financial markets, by the methods that doesn’t rely on others for advices and is not much of a fan of the ‘buzz’.


If you have this success skill, then you must know that only you can achieve the success you want by maximizing the market and making it work for your favor. Learning from others is different from mimicking others, and constant adapting from mistakes, thus reaching new heights.

Most Traders, beginner and experienced, has a little bit of the dependent mindset at one point or another. The thing the separates the successful ones from the not is that people on the track to become Independent Traders seek a mentor or lean with a reliable education source, but as the learning and knowledge grows, they begin to be independent and apply the learning on their own. Dependent Traders fail.

What can you do to adopt a winning currency trading mindset?

Here are steps you can take to improve the forex trading mindset you have.


1. Find 2-3 credible education sources. You can find one forex course here in the end of this article. Your goal is to identify one that you can understand and trust. Get all the knowledge that you can get out from these sources. When you learn to trade forex properly, then you will find your self applying the concepts on your own.

2. Learn and test multiple methods of trading. Success is not possible without some basis in trading methodologies, specifically using technical or fundamental factors.

3. Based on what you have learned, make a trading plan. The best forex strategies is that best suits you. If you have a job or want to enjoy most of your time for other things other than Forex, end-of-day trading is for you. The learning you have from steps 1 and 2 must be aligned with end-of-day trading.

Tips in this article will require time and money as the investment. It should be considered education cost — such as in college. It is far better to invest money on yourself that to easily lose money on the market. If you are still looking for an easy way, then you must be that dependent trader.

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