How “Matched Betting” Will Help You Make The Most Profit From Sports Bets

Matched betting is gaining popularity with students, work-at-home-mums and anyone seeking to make money by working or investing online.

However, although many have heard of the concept, it remains a mystery to many. Worse, some see it as a form a gambling, or even something illegal.

In this article we seek to break down how matched betting works (and yes, we can confirm it is 100%legal!), as well as explaining how you can use this technique to make the maximum profit from sports bets.

How Does Matched Betting Work?

The first thing you should know about matched betting is that it is not gambling. This is one of the common myths around matched betting. It is a specific technique which, when applied correctly, will bring you guaranteed profits.

Matched betting takes advantage of the “sign-up offers” (free offers and incentives) which bookmakers offer to new customers.

For example, a bookmaker may give away a  £10 free bet to new customers, once you first place another £10 bet. The first original bet is known as the ‘back bet’.

In matched betting, you would place a corresponding bet the other way (that is for the exact opposite result of your first bet) on a betting exchange. This second bet is known as the ‘lay bet’ and it is important to make sure that both bets have the same odds.

Regardless of the end result, because you have placed an equal bet each way, you will have the same amount of money at the end. However, you will now also have the extra £10 free bet. If you use this next £10 bet to repeat the process with another matched bet, you will be another £10 up.

How To Use Matched Betting To Make The Most Profit From Sports Bets

If you continue to repeat this process over and over, you will average a profit of £8 – £9 on each bet, as most bookmakers allow you to cash out up to 90% of the offer they give you. Because there are hundreds of bookmakers in the UK, most offering incentives to first time betters, you can generate profits of around £1000 pounds upwards simply from matched betting on first time offers and incentives.

This type of betting is only the beginning, however. You can also leverage “reload” offers with matched betting to generate profits. Reload offers are offers which bookmakers give to existing customers to encourage them to continue to place bets, and work in a similar way to first time and sign-up offers.

If working with enough bookmakers and taking advantage of new reload offers as they become available, you can use reload offers on sports bets in combination with matched betting to continue to generate  profits over the long term. Sites like Profit Accumulator matched betting can support you with forums and resources to help you keep on top of all the latest reload offers.

Though effectively executing matched betting with reload offers, you can generate £300-£1000 per month in steady profits. The amount of money you can make, or more specifically your efficiency in making money in the time available to you, will be greatly improved through using online tools and software, such as odds matching software to identify the best bets and profit tracking tools to help you keep on top of where your investment is and how it’s growing.


Matched betting is a careful, strategic approach to securing returns from betting with online bookmakers. Rather than gambling, matched betting uses first time and reload offers from bookmakers in combination with equally opposing bets to guarantee returns of up to 90% on each bet. Although the bets are small, usually in the order of around £10 each, by taking a planned and regular approach to reload offers, you can use this process to generate around £1000 per month on an on-going, long-term basis.

Although the approach is relatively simple, for optimum profit generation it is best to take advantage of online tools, communities and sites to support you in your matched betting efforts, and maximise your profit making potential!