Consumer Spending Power Decreases Over Time Due to Inflation

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Inflation decreases the spending power of 1 million dollars 30 years from now. We could see $10 milk and $2 candy bars in the near future, but what a minute: doesn't this mean that equities and real estate will soar in value as well. With both instances in mind, real estate investing looks like a must for any savvy, well-informed investor. The stock market pours in returns year after year, but so does housing.

Using Your Real Estate ATM

Not to long ago before the recent housing decline homes were nothing more than mere ATMs. You know, those little machines that gives consumers excuses to spend money. The housing market will pick up eventually because the current buyer's market will be overturned once the sub-prime debacle clears up.

The Growing US Population Will Sustain the Homebuilding Industry

The US population will grow to 400 million by 2035, and these extra 100 million need places to live. So I'm going to keep tracking the builders like Lennar (symbol: LEN) and Toll Brothers (symbol: TOL) as well as the commercials USG Corp (symbol: USG) and Elkcorp (symbol: ELK). If there's ever been a more evident growth play for the future, it's Housing, Housing, Housing.

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