High Dividend Stocks: 40 Stocks that Pay High Yields

Dividend income investors are always looking for new stocks to add to their portfolios. If you plan to earn passive income with dividend-paying stocks, then you can check out this list of amazing high dividend companies.

Each of these companies return a portion of their profits to investors through monthly, quarterly or bi-annual dividend payments.

Income from dividend stocks can be reinvested to purchase more shares or used as income to fund your lifestyle. If you are interested in FIRE and early retirement from your job, you can build a passive income portfolio of dividend stocks then quit your job once your dividend income exceeds your expenses.

List of High Yield Dividend Stocks

Below is a list of stocks with at least 3% or higher dividend yield. I only included stocks & REITs in this list. No closed ended funds or ETFs at this time because these types of investment charge extra fees such as expense ratios.

TIckerCompany NameIndustryAnnualized DividendDividend YieldYears of Rising Dividend
ABAlliance BernsteinAsset Management$2.528.50%2
CNPCenterPoint EnergyDiverisifed Utilies$1.154.12%13
SOSouthern CompanyElectric Utilites$2.484.10%17
VZVerizonTelecom Services$2.464.13%14
RRyder SystemLeasing Services$0.564.15%10
DUKDuke EnergyElectric Utilites$0.954.32%12
PRUPrudential FinancialLife Insurance$1.004.34%10
LYBLyondell BasellSpecialty Chemicals$1.054.35%7
DDominion ResourcesEletric Utilites$0.924.54%10
IBMIBM CorpComputer Systems$1.624.82%19
WPCWP CareyProperty Management$1.0364.92%18
XOMExxon MobilOil and Gas$3.485.08%36
UVVUniversal CorpTobacco Products$3.045.97%47
SKTTanger Factory OutletREIT $1.428.78%26
JPMJP Morgan ChaseBanks$3.602.78%8
FFordAuto $0.606.70%0
VTRVentasREIT Healthcare$3.175.41%8
HTAHelthcare Trust of AmericaREIT$4.271.26%6
BIPBrockfield Infrastructure PartnersElectric$2.013.88%9
NHINational Health InvestorsREIT$4.205.26%9
PMPhillip MorrisTobacco$4.685.60%11
MOAltria GroupCigarettes$3.367.21%10
MAINMain Street CapitalFinancial $2.465.72%8
ENBEnbridgeOil and Gas$2.955.95%7
APLEApple Hospitality REITREIT$1.207.46%1
MMPMagellan Midstream PartnersOil and Gas$4.086.77%9
BEPBrooksfiend Renewable EnergyUtilites$2.064.60%5
CAHCardinal HealthDrugs$1.923.42%14
ORealty IncomeREIT$2.723.53%23
WPGWashington Prime GroupREIT$1.0022.62%0
SEMGSim GroupOil and Gas$1.8912.69%1
NEWMNew Media InvestmentPublishing$1.5223.14%4
QUADQuad GraphicsBusiness Services$1.2028.17%0
VETVermillion EnergyOil and Gas$2.7614.72%1
SUNSunocoOil and Gas$3.3010.40%
ECCEagle Point CreditCredit Services$2.4016.59%1
NMFCNew Mountain FinanceConglomerates$1.3610.16%0

Data updated as of November 18, 2019


How often do companies pay dividends?

Most companies pay on a quarterly basis while some pay bi-annually or monthly.

Should I reinvest the dividends into purchasing ore shares or receive the dividend in cash?

It depends on your investment goals and financial situation. If you are young and have a long term investment strategy (10 years or more), then I suggest reinvesting the dividends since you don’t need the cash right away. If you are close to retirement or want to live the FIRZE lifestyle, then receive the dividends in cash to help cover your expenses.

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