Here Comes the Sun (continued)

Many investors with an eye to the future have already been investing heavily in many of the better known solar and alternative energy companies, but the technology is developing and evolving rapidly. Before investing, it’s a good idea to get a feel for the different technologies that are just about to come on stream (such as biosolar and new thin-film developments) and could greatly alter the playing field. Some really interesting companies are still in the start up mode, but that what can make smart investing now to become really profitable in the near future. With each up tick in the price of oil, these companies and many more move closer to the forefront of investor interest.

Below are some companies that bear further investigation for interested investors in solar energy. These are not buying recommendations. For more in-depth information on the subject go to

Integrator: Akeena Solar (AKNS):
One of the largest sellers and integrators in USA. About 65% of the solar market is with homes and small businesses. The company sells and installs. Also, the company has established strategic partnerships with some of the major OEM manufacturers such as Kyocera, Sharp and Sunpower.

Production: Biosolar Inc (BSRC.OB)
The company will start production in Q4 of 2008 of a revolutionary process for producing solar cells using biological based films and resigns and cutting out large portion of high cost petroleum based production. The company will grow by licensing its new patented technology which is said to not only be much cheaper to produce cells but also the cells are significantly more efficient in converting sunlight to electricity.

Production and Distribution: China Solar and Clean Energy Solutions (CSOL).
Considered the premier manufacturer and distributors of solar heating and conversion devices in the PRC. The company plans rapid growth through acquisitions and bidding on large government projects. The company is projecting bottom-line growth in the 60% plus range for 2008 & 2009.

Producer: E-Ton Solar Tech (ETSOF.PK)
The pioneer of producing thin-film Photovoltaic cells in Taiwan and China (PRC). By the end of 2008 it will have one of the largest production capacities in the world (320 MW). The company receives large subsidies from the government of Taiwan and is in position to be one of the dominant thin film producers in the world.

Producer: First Solar (FSLR) current darling of the group with booming profits and a large portion of the thin-film market. Based in the US, the company plans to be heavily involved in major U.S. government programs, The company has signed contracts for over 3 gigawats of production which is 75% of the company’s production capacity through 2011.

Vertically Integrated: Kyocera (Japan) (KYO) is also another darling of the investor community and is a major player in the total production, distribution and installation value chain. The company has plans to go heavily into the Chinese market and plans to have over 500MW of production capacity within 3 years.

These are just some of the exciting companies that may become the Shell and BP of the future. For more information, checkout

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