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  • Product Type: 62-Page PDF Report
  • Cost: $4.95 31-Day Trial Offer
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  • Author: John Bell
  • Our Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

How to Hack the Stock market PDF Report written by Johnl Bell

My Personal Story with Hack the Stock Market Loophole System

When I first came across John Bell's Hack the Stock Market Loophole, I was very skeptical. I was conducting research on the stock symbol ENTG, and saw a Google ad for Hack the Stock Market. I clicked and landed on a fun little quiz called…

Test Your Investing Instincts Below – If You're Smart Enough I'll Personally Teach You How I Make $10,000 a Month Trading Stocks

The Real Deal about The Stock Quiz

I completed the quiz, entered my e-mail and then received a video that said “You got all the answers right,” and “Only 10% got them all right.”

I did some digging at Yahoo! Answers and found this comment:

I say this because I answered the five questions as I felt were the best answers and was told I got 5 out of 5 correct. That made me feel good and I read on. Now never mind that I can find no more information about this “plan”.The simple fact is I went back and answered the questions with the most stupid choices and still was 5 correct.. ?????

In all honesty, John would have to create 25 separate videos (5 x5 permutations) in order to deliver a customized video response to each and every question. This is very time consuming, but nonetheless his claim of your “getting all the answers right” is false. In fact, each of these answers rely on your investment strategy and long term outlook.

Does John Bell Have a Winning Track Record?

I couldn't find a complete historical track record on John Bell, but we do keep track of his recent stock picks via his newsletter. Here are recent ones:

Date Ticker
3/1/2011 JAMN

Complete Overview of How to Hack The Stock Market by John Bell

There is tons of useful information in this report, so instead of repeating everything I am going to explain how you will benefit using the methods and strategies in each chapter.

Chapter 1 – How Would an Extra $10,000 per Month Change your Life?

John Bell starts off explaining why he wrote this book, his personal story, and you can legally exchange $1 for $2 in the U.S Stock Market.

Inside Chapter 1, you'll learn:

  • How to make money using a special pattern that occurs every 3 to 4 weeks in the US Stock market
  • How a struggling 28 year old janitor stumbled upon this profitable pattern
  • How to exchange your money LEGALLY and multiply your money

Download Chapter 1 of Hack the Stock Market Now!

Chapter 2 – Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get

In order for the Hack the Stock Market loophole to work, you must stop looking at stocks like wiggly lines. Different companies have balance sheets, which creates vastly different valuations. Using a simple equation, you can calculate the overall value of any company and profit when the stock market is clearly wrong.

Inside Chapter 2, you'll learn:

  • How to avoid viewing stocks as wiggly lines and view them as real shares in a real business
  • How 2 companies can have the same market cap yet 1 stock is 5x as expensive as the other
  • A simple equation that calculate the net debt of any stock you research
  • How to profit handsomely from short term price fluctuations in the stock market
  • How to avoid missing out of profitable opportunities by paying attention to Mr. Market
  • The biggest dividend fallacy that holds most investors back

Download Chapter 2 of Hack the Stock Market Now!

Chapter 3 – John Bell's Stock Strategy Loophole is Revealed

The loophole is profiting from Spin off stocks. It's the same strategy taught by Joel Greenblatt in his famous book, You can Be a Stock Market Genius. However, You Can Be a Stock Market Genius is 304 pages long. How to Hack the Stock Market teaches this same strategy in just 62 pages. I was able to finish the entire report in under 30 minutes.

Inside Chapter 3, you'll learn:

  • The simple loophole that has made investors profits for decades
  • Why spin off stocks make so much money
  • 2 Reasons why this loophole will never close and how you can profit forever

Download Chapter 3 of Hack the Stock Market Now!

Chapter 4 – Strategies for Easily Finding Profitable Stocks to Buy

Traditional methods teach using discounted cash flow to value a company, however you can never predict a company's future earnings. John explains that his adapted P/E ratio is far more effective at finding golden gems to buy than the standard P/E ratio. This chapter was a huge eye opener, and also taught me a lot about basic accounting.

Inside Chapter 4, you'll learn:

  • Why Discounted Cash Flow Models Are Dangerous for the average investor
  • 3 Reasons why P/E Ratios Can Cost You to Make Huge Investment Mistakes
  • Why EBITDA is more valuable to investors than net earnings
  • The Golden Ratio aka Adapted P/E Ratio and Why It Works So Much better

Download Chapter 4 of Hack the Stock Market Now!

Chapter 5 – How to Buy Stocks on the Cheap

A lot of investors complain about overpaying for stocks often. If you cannot calculate the true price, then you are just guessing as to whether the price will go up or down. You'll be able to quickly calculate the stick price for any stock and determine a good margin of safety to avoid any unsuspecting turns in the stock market.

Inside Chapter 5, you'll learn:

  • How to avoid overpaying for popular stocks
  • How to quickly calculate the sticker price for any stocks
  • 2 Reasons why a big margin of safety is so important
  • Why academics use scare tactics like the “Beta” to confuse investors

Download Chapter 5 of Hack the Stock Market Now

Chapter 6 – How Federal Express used incentives to make billions

You will be amazed at how Federal Express used incentives to speed up delivery times, make employees happy and boost revenues through the sky! This story is short and sweet. Well worth the read alone.

Inside Chapter 6, you'll learn:

  • Why insider compensation means big spin off profits for you
  • Where you can find all the informations on employee compensation easily

Download Chapter 6 of Hack the Stock Market Now

Chapter 7 – 2 Examples of Spin Off Loopholes

John Bell cites two examples, Marriott International and Briggs/Stratton, to prove why spin offs are predictable and so profitable. That is the meaty part of the report. You will automatically be able to identity profitable spin off opportunities much faster after reading these two examples.

Inside Chapter 7, you'll learn:

  • How to understand the workings of a spin off and make a lot of money in just a few short months

Download Chapter 7 of Hack the Stock Market Now

Chapter 8 – How to Find These Opportunities Step by Step

Using screenshots as a visual aid, John walks us step by step as he searches the SEC Edgar database for spin off stocks, investigates the form 10-12b, conducts research at 3rd party sites, calculates the true sticker price, then determines whether the stock is a cheap, fair, or expensive price.

Inside Chapter 8, you'll learn:

  • How to save time searching for spin off stocks using SEC website
  • How to dig out the significant information in a form 10-12b quickly and easily
  • Why doing more research is critical to understanding the entire situation
  • How to again calculate the stick price
  • What to do when you find a good deal

Download Chapter 8 of Hack the Stock Market Now

Chapter 9 – Selling and Cashing in Your Profits

If you struggle with knowing when to sell, then this chapter is very helpful. John explains that you should only sell when the company situation changes or you want to invest elsewhere. Most of the profit is already made!

Inside Chapter 9, you'll learn:

  • 2 Important reasons to Sell Your Stocks
  • Why a Margin of Safety Makes selling your stocks so easy

Download Chapter 9 of Hack the Stock Market Now

How to Automate the Stock Market Loophole

John covers a lot of information in this report, and some of you may be left with more questions than answers. I am a novice when it comes to accounting, so I had to reread the sections on depreciation, accounting, and why EBITDA works so much than net earnings.

If you have more time than money, then you should consider his monthly alerts membership. Whenever a spin off opportunity comes, John Bell will send you an e-mail detailing his research, rationale and entry price. This is a HUGE TIME saver and only costs a 1 time fee of $97.

Pros of How to Hack the Stock Market

While things started off rocky (particularly with the quiz), I really enjoyed John Bell's Hack the Stock Market Report. The biggest strengths are:

  • Shorter Report Length than Most Books Saves Time – If you struggle with reading 200+ page books or highly technical essays on finance, you will comprehend Hack the Stock Market much easier. It is written for the average investor, although it contains a 2 to 3 complex accounting terms that John Bell explains as best as possible.
  • Unlimited Profits depending on how much capital you have to invest – When I read about the loophole, I felt like a complete novice. I'm in my 10th year as a stock market investor, and had NO IDEA how much money investors make with this loophole.
  • Easy to Read and Skim – Ebooks are awesome because you can quickly scan and dig out the key parts. Reading a paperback book is very tedious for me, plus I cannot search for keywords like a online report.
  • Great Cost to Value Comparison – You can purchase for only $4.95 upfront, then pay the remaining $125 after a 31-day trial period. I can see making easily $1k on my next spin off trade with a reasonably small trading account. Not only is the price reasonable, but I save time using a short report rather than mowing through a long, tedious book.

Cons of How to Hack the Stock Market

  • No Video Tutorials – A great bonus would be a live demonstration of finding a spin off opportunity.
  • Misleading Stock Quiz – John Bell lies about getting the stock market quiz 100% right. While the purpose of the quiz is to qualify visitors, I can see how someone would get turned off which this marketing tactic.
  • No Community Forum- It would be helpful if there was a customer forum to engage in more discussion about spin offs. It's such a profitable strategy, and I'm sure others could benefit from John as well as other's customer experience.
  • $120 Rebill After 31 Day Trial – Rebills are considered a shady marketing tactic because often the customer forgets they purchased the product or forgets to cancel before becoming billed.

How Much Should I Except to Pay?

How to Hack the Stock Market costs $4.95 upfront with a 31-day Money back trial. After 31 days, you will be charged an extra $124.05. The total price of the report is $129.99. This report is well worth the cost because you now have a profitable strategy to make money in the stock market for the rest of your life.

Download How to Hack the Stock Market PDF Report Now

Does it Include a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. The product comes with a 31-day trial period. If you are unsatisfied, simply return the product within 60 days and you will never be charged again.

What Others are Saying?

Here's a few quotes I gathered from the web:

“It's a real report with valid informaiton.” – Jim L, Yahoo! Answers

“Our final rating is 8.86/10. This is a truly excellent score and means we trust this product fully.” –

“How to Hack the Stock Market is a top product in the Business/Investing category.” – ReviewCritical

Any Complaints? Is Hack the Stock Market A Scam?

Most of the complaints are from users who attack the Stock market quiz. Here's an quote from a prospective buyer:

“I purposely did not answer any of the questions, hit continue and it told me that I was in the top 10% that answered the questions correctly. Yes, this is definitely one for the books.”

Here's a response to the “quiz test”:

I agree. In fact, all programs that use the “take a test” technique to gain your interest (and there are a few of them) seem very fishy to me. But you never know – sometimes a genuinely good product will use slightly underhand marketing techniques. Lucky there’s the 60 day guaranteed refund period I suppose. That applies to the second payment too by the way.

Where Can You Buy Hack the Stock Market?

Click Here to Buy How to Hack the Stock Market by John Bell. Also, if you buy from this review, I will send you 2 free special bonuses.

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  • Profitable Strategies for Buying and Shorting Penny Stocks
  • The Best Resources along with Real Life Examples to Profit with Penny Stocks

I almost exclusively trade under $10 penny stocks on the NASDAQ because it's so much easier to make consistent gains. I traded only large caps for years, and never made great returns. This is because large caps are controlled by Wall Street. Wall Street ignores most companies with less than $1 billion market cap. However, novice investors control penny stocks. It's easier to outsmart a novice investor than the 800 pound Gorillas on Wall Street.

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I also created a short video showing you how to find these spin off stocks if you rather watch a video than read text.

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