17 Best Growth Stocks for Young Investors

Here is a list of the best high growth stocks for young investors.

1. Tesla

Tesla is the top recommend high growth stock for young investors who want to maximize their returns.

2. Amazon

Amazon is an online e-commerce giant with a growing web services and cloud business. The company has a lot of growth ahead as 5g makes internet surfing much faster, which will help Amazon boost revenue and earnings.

3. Apple

Apple continues to innovate in the tech space and just launched the release of the Apple iPhone 14. Nearly 50% of Americans own an Apple smartphone and the company pays a nice dividend to help generate passive income for young investors.

4. Google

Google remains king of the online search engine market with a massive 92% market share. The company will rebound from the ad spend slowdown plus Youtube remains a big cash cow for the company.

5. Paypal

6. Marathon Digital

7. Block Inc

8. Joby Aviation





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