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Growth Stock Story: Jones Soda Co. (JSDA)

Jones Soda Co. (NAS: JSDA)

Now this stock is like a Coke, very slow growth. Jones Soda is an unexciting stock, and a true anchor for any portfolio. For those that don't know about their company, they make new age type drinks under the label of Jones. The best thing about Jones Soda Co. is that they have nice contracts with a lot of Supermarkets, meaning bigger consumer exposure. Is this a takeover target for a PepsiCo or Coke?

You never know these days; Jones is also great growth story, but recently forward growth has slowed the past couple of years. But hey growth is growth right? Also, the larger investment banks acknowledge the potential for this stock, (and they always know something we don't) and are buying this stock by the millions. The only negative for this security is a very high P/E ratio. However as I have said before, P/E is only something to look at not base your stock picks on.

Jones Soda 5 Year Chart

Jones Soda 5 year Chart

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