Top 10 Gold Stocks for November 2021

Gold is the traditional metal to invest in and finding a quality company to invest in makes for the best investment. The best gold stocks to invest in for 2019 are:

Eldorado Gold Corporation (ELD)

(Current Share: $12.24; EPS: -3.00, 5-Year RTN: -30.81 ;DIV: 0)

A mixed investment of polymetallic and gold asset; This company has two decades and counting for investment. Their first-quarter results showed the production of gold at 82,977 ounces.

Wallbridge Mining Company Limited (WM)

(Current Share: $0.405; EPS: $-0.01, 5-Year RTN: $0.39; DIV:0)

The company has access to gold and copper activities in British Columbia and Jamaica. They were getting 3.93 grams and 55.95 grams at their Fenelon mine.

Alacer Golder (ASR)

(Current Share: $5.84; EPS: $0.08, 5-Year RTN: $3.84 ; DIV:0)

Alacer Gold holds 80-% of the Turkish Gold mine called Çöpler. They have been producing gold for 20 years; with current production over 22,000 ounces.

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration (TNX)

(Current Share: $1.06; EPS:$-0.08 , 5-Year RTN: $-1.50; DIV:0)
They recently completed phase 1 of a 3 of a new drilling plan to increase production. The first phase has 89.6 meters (294 feet) of gold to mine.

Detour Gold (TSX:DGC)

(Current Share: $23.85; EPS: $0.26, 5-Year RTN: ; DIV:0)

Detour Gold had 2nd quarter production results of 150.079 ounces of gold produced with production exceeding 600,000 ounces last year. They are one of the best gold stocks to look at.

Gran Colombia Gold Corp. (TPRFF)

(Current Share: $4.13; EPS: $0.65, 5-Year RTN: $2.39; DIV:0)

Gran Colombia Gold owns mining operations in Toronto. They have produced 162.741 ounces of gold this year. They are higher risk, but they are set to surpass 214,000 ounces this year.

Northern Star Resources (NESRF)

(Current Share: $8.02; EPS: $0.85, 5-Year RTN: -$1.89; DIV:0)
An Australian mining operation that is expanding into Alaska, they have dropped in the last 5 years, but are set to expand within the next several.

Resolute Mining Limited (RMGGF)

(Current Share: $1.15; EPS:, 5-Year RTN: $.066 ; DIV:$$0.0145)

Resolute Mining explores and develops mines in Africa and Australia. The increase in profitability over the last several years has shown a dividend change of 65% since 2016.

Newcreast Mining. (NCMGY)

(Current Share: $24.85; EPS: $0.73 , 5-Year RTN: +$15.81; DIV:$0.29)

Newcreast Mining has been turning profits that are surpassing the $16 mark. This is expected to continue to the end of 2019.

Saracen Mineral Holdings (SCEXF)

(Current Share: $2.50; EPS: $0.068, 5-Year RTN: +$2.50; DIV: 0)

This is a low-cost stock that has been doing well in 2019. They are expected to continue to grow as their quarterly growth has been 3.10% this year already.

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