Royal Canadian Mint’s Gold Maple Leaf Coin Review


The Royal Canadian Mint was formed in 1908 and is a world leader in producing high-quality circulating, numismatic, and bullion coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Gold Maple Leaf (GML) coins are among the world’s most popular pure gold coins, having sold more than 25 million troy ounces since their introduction in 1979. The GML was also the first bullion coin to achieve the heightened standard of 9999 pure.

Gold Maple Leaf Basic Information


Why buy the RCM Gold Maple Leaf?

Here's a few reasons why I recommend the Gold Maple Leaf coin to gold bullion investors:

  • All coins minted after 1982 contain .9999 fine gold. This is a big jump from the American Eagle coin that contains only .91 fine gold
  • The weight and purity of the coin is guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • In case of hard times, gold coins are more liquid and easier to exchange for goods and services
  • Coins can be discreetly stored in wallets or secret compartments unlike more bulky bullion bars

Where to Buy?

How to spot a fake Gold Maple Leaf Coin

When you plan to purchase or acquire a Gold Maple Leaf coin, you have to be careful and buy from a highly respected gold bullion dealer who provides a certificate of authenticity. If you come across a private buyer/seller, then you may come in contact with a fake gold coin. Here's a video that shows you how to tell the difference between a real gold maple leaf and a fake coin.

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