How to Search for SEC Quarterly Filings

When it comes to conducting research on your investments, is literally your best friend. I often browse the Edgar database when I need to dig up some research on any public traded companies. If you’ve ever been afraid of, here’s a basic tutorial (w/ pictures) on how to find those verbose SEC quarterly filings.

Step 1: Go to

Screenshot of SEC.GOV

ALL SEC Quarterly filings are listed at under the Edgar database.

Step 2: Click Companies and Other Filers

Screenshot of Edgar Database

Step 3: Type in Company Name or Ticker of the Publicly Traded Security

General Motors 10-Q Search

In this example, I’m using General Motors (GM).

Step 4: Type in 10-Q and Click Retrieve Selected Filings

10-Q Quarterly Results Search

Step 5: Click View Reports in HTML

View GM HTML Reports

That’s it! Please bookmark this tutorial if you found it useful. Thanks!