7 Reasons Fiat Currency is a Scam

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk went viral on X when he posted about fiat currency being a scam.

A lot of people are struggling to pay their bills and save money because we don’t receive formal education about money in school.

That’s why inflation and rising cost of living keeps so many people struggling financially and working well past traditional retirement age.

Here’s my stance on fiat money and several key reasons why it’s a modern-day scam used to keep the rich richer and the rest of us financially scared forever.

7 Reasons Why Fiat Currency is a Complete Modern Day Scam

1. Money Became Debt in 1971 After Nixon Removed the Gold Standard

Former US President Richard Nixon changed the fate of millions around the world when he removed the Gold Standard in 1971. Back 1971, each US dollar was backed by gold held by the US government.

Gold was money for over 5,000 years dating back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. Humans trust Gold because it’s durable, easy to understand, and cannot be destroyed.

However, I believe the US government wanted to allow women and minorities to enter the US workforce so corporations could profit from more cheap labor. These companies don’t want to pay non-white men with REAL money so Nixon ditched the Gold Standard and turned the US dollar into “debt”.

Each US Federal Reserve note is a unit of “debt” that’s backed by nothing. Since 1971, the USA debt has skyrocketed to over $33 trillion (and counting).

2. Fiat Currency Robs You of Your Time

Americans of all walks of life began earning US currency after 1971 and watched their purchasing power drop because of inflation. As more currency entered the economy, each individual US dollar became worth less.

Why does inflation happen? Each US dollar debt note must be paid “interest” to keep the fiat currency scam going. That’s why the US government sells bonds that pay interest.

The interest is paid via newly created dollars, which causes each dollar to be worth less.

It’s the same phenomenon you experience as a stock market investor when companies issue more stock via a share offering. Dilution causes each individual stock to be worth less and the stock price usually falls after a share offering.

3. Fiat Currency Forces You to Work for the Rich Elite for Crumbs

In order to get your hands on fiat currencies, you must work for a company or raise capital to start your own business.

Banks and the US government control the US dollar currency supply and you must submit your time and labor to earn an honest living.

Don’t want to play by the rules? You risk being sent to jail or prison if you break the law or fail to pay your debts.

Thus, you became a financial slave to your corporate overlords who can fire you for any reason if your company isn’t protected by a union.

Not all corporations are bad but I think we can all agree that most workers are grossly underpaid. The UAW strike is an example of how corporations take advantage of hard-working employees.

4. Fiat Currency Is a Sub-Conscious Mind F*ck

I’m not a psychologist but who knows the long term affect of putting dead White people (expect Abraham Lincon who was mixed race) on the US dollar over the long term?

Money is a powerful subconscious motivator and shouldn’t show dead people on its face.

I believe the government does this to imprint the working class with a sense of hopelessness and despair. How can you become financially successful if your currency doesn’t look like you or your family?

5. Fiat Currency Turns Humans into Greedy Monsters

I’m anti-marriage because of the ill effects of fiat currency on society. I’m from the United States where the true divorce rate is 75% or greater.

Women are rewarded cash prizes and assets by breaking up the family and filinf for divorce. All it takes is one Chad or Tyrone to bang your wife and next thing you your entire marriage and life savings has been destroyed.

Anti-Human Globalists like Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook to make it extremely easy for your wife to cheat on you and take you to the cleaners in divorce court.

Too many unsuspecting husbands finally realize that marriage is a financial scam backed by greed.

It’s not entirely the woman’s fault because fiat currency loses its value rapidly. She must cash out on your assets before the US dollar loses even more value.

6. Fiat Currency Robs You of Your Savings

American baby boomers are becoming homeless faster than any other group due to the scammy nature of fiat currency.

I couldn’t imagine working for 40+ years and losing everything during my golden years.

Baby boomers were taught in school to save money even though the US dollar has lost nearly 99% of its value over the last 100 years.

If inflation increases 10% then you have been robbed 10%. The worst part is that you cannot get that tie back if you are much older.

7. Fiat Currency Divides the Whole Planet

Over 8 billion people on planet earth are divided by fiat currencies.

It’s “Divide and Conquer” at its best.

If we all live on the planet together then why does every nation needs its own Individual currency?

The rich elite want to keep us poor and living paycheck to paycheck so they can control our time.

The only way to fight back is to form a union just like the UAW and Hollywood writers did.

Bitcoin is turning into a “1 world, 1 currency” that we desperately need.

Bitcoin and Gold are the only Solutions

Bitcoin and Gold are the 2 best forms of hard money on the planet.

Gold maintains its value over time and you can buy the same amount of goods/services now that you could 100 years ago.

Bitcoin is a 21st century savings account that mimics gold in a digital form. I use Coinbase to purchase Bitcoin safely ad securely.

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