February 2007 Recap

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Here's a quick recap of what happened in February:

ShareBuilder Portfolio

My ShareBuilder portfolio lost 2% in February, mostly due to the February 27th market reversal.

Best Performer – Celadon Group (CLDN) up 4.5%

Worst Performer – Medtronic (MDT) down 2.11%

I knew a Dow reversal was lurking near. Negative sentiments on China's stock market sent global markets plummeting. Now, the bargain hunters will reveal themselves, and push prices back up a bit.

Blog Earnings

There's a new blogging trend on the internet. More and more bloggers are now disclosing blog earnings, so I decided to join in on the fun.

  • Direct Sales – $308
  • Google Adsense – $131.60
  • Text Link Ads – $21.25
  • Affiliate Sales – $21
  • FAN Network – $6
  • Cash Crate – $5
  • AGLOCO – 10 Sign Ups – TBD

Total Revenue: $492.85

Direct sales boosted once I got indexed by Google. The best thing about direct sales is you receive 100% of the advertising cost. If you want to increase revenue, allocate more time to marketing your blog online and offline. It's worked wonders for Investor Trip.

Site Traffic

Investor Trip recorded 7,831 visitors, up from 6,711 in January. Pageviews stood at 15,668, up from 14,142 in January. Google and StumbleUpon accounted for over 50% of my traffic. This is both good and bad. Getting on Google's good side can bring you tons of traffic, however, de-indexing would be devastating to my pageviews. Diversified traffic streams are and will always be the best source of long-term site traffic.

New TradeKing Account

I opened a new account with TradeKing to save money on options trading commission fees. Once TradeKing approves my checking account information, I'll let everyone in on my stock options picks.

Best Posts from February 2007

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