Falling Gas Prices Take Load Off Americans

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The recent decline in oil prices takes a heavy load off the average American’s wallet, making it a lot less tearful at the pumps.
A domino effect has occurred on wall street, sending the Dow Jones to all-time highs. In the midst of what appears to be a recession due to the falling housing market, investors seem confident that America will sustain GDP growth at the end of ‘06 and going into ‘07. But all in all, investors should second guess this apparent drop in natural resources. Where could it spur from?

Sure, everyone’s knows the Alaskan reserves are higher because we experience a rather warm winter last year, but what is really up? There’s only one thing that can come to mind: mid-term elections. Again, it seems the right is attempting to resolidify its majority position in congress. The Bush administration knows that Americans despise high gas prices, but it also knows a temporary ease in price would bring joy back into the lives of Americans too.

The right must neutralize the intellectual mind of America, enabling it to carry on with its majority power by causing further global warfare and higher debt balances. Nonetheless, Americans should take the responsibility and vote for whom they trust to govern the future of America.

America’s debt is highly increasing, and we all spent way more than we save. With the average American debt balance standing at nearly five grand, something must be done.