Experimenting with Kontera Ad Links

If you’ve noticed an increase in contextual links on my post pages, that’s because I signed up with Kontera ContentLink ads and added their contextual ad links to my blog. Kontera sends plenty of ads to my single post pages, too many if you ask me. So this is a short-term experiment at best. The advertisements become an eyesoar if you see too many per paragraph/page. Max # of Ads Filters would solve this problem in a snap.

Do Kontera Ads positively effect the reader’s experience?

Update: Word travels fast on the internet! Christopher Brown, Director of Account Management at Kontera, sent me the following e-mail:

In reviewing some of our sites, I noticed your page

Experimenting with Kontera Ad Links

Our algorithm provides us a number of ways to customize how we mark on
your pages. Would you be interested in working with me to customize the
look and feel of our ContentLinks on your pages?

Please let me know.

Now, I’m having second thoughts about Kontera. Management did not have to contact me directly on the same day I joined the program. In terms of customer service, Kontera gets two thumbs up!

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