Essential Things That Investors Want to See Before Availing Funds

A good number of entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas. However, the major stumbling block that prevents them from turning their brilliant ideas into great businesses is a lack of funds. One of the most common methods that entrepreneurs use in looking for funds is to seek for investors. This, however, though often used is by no means easy. Investors are people who do not like risks and in as much as they are willing to give away their money, they are not willing to risk it by giving it to every Jack and Jill. It is for this reason why we have decided to share with entrepreneurs the essential things that they need to have before approaching any investor. Armed with the following essentials, an entrepreneur can be rest assured that success is on the way as is the case with

Financial Performances Details

Investors are largely concerned about safeguarding their money and as such, they put much emphasis on the financial side of your business. Before you approach an investor, you will need to know your numbers. Be prepared and be able to answer questions regarding the growth of your business financially. In the same vein, be in a position of confidence when answering questions that have to do with you issuing shares or borrowing money to stimulate growth you also need to have a clearly laid out plan on the debt repayment plan. Investors only work with entrepreneurs who are aware and capable of handling their financial obligations. You also have to show that your assets are able to cover current or short-term liabilities.

Background and Experience of the Business

As a way of safeguarding their money, investors will do due diligence in researching your business’ background and well as the experience of you and your team in managing the financial aspect as well as other aspects of your business. However, on your own, you need to be able to articulate both your and the business’ background and experience. Knowing that a business is being managed by people who have the expertise and the experience in steering successful initiatives only instils confidence in the investor and in turn, it increases the entrepreneurs’ chance of bagging that investment.

Business Uniqueness

When dealing with venture capitalists, you will need to know that they focus more on proprietary features and competitive advantage rather than the ability to repay debts (as is the case with bank investors). As such, to impress them, your business will need to have its own sort of uniqueness (in terms of services and/or products) which entails that it can compete on the market and in turn make the investment of the investor worthwhile. With venture capitalists, as long as you are able to demonstrate that your business is different from potential competitors (thus giving it an advantage), then you are likely to get the investment. It’s also important to demonstrate to the investor that the market is actually large hence there is potential for growth and limited competition.

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