E Trade Brokerage Review

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E Trade Brokerage Account Review

E Trade offers some of the lowest brokerage fees in the business. Account minimums stand at only $1,000 and real time trades are as low as $7. Here’s the full breakdown on E Trade rates:

  • Automatic Investing Plans: NO
  • Real time market orders: $7 – $20
  • Real time limit orders: $7 – $20
  • No Dollar based investing options
  • $40 Inactivity fee per quarter
  • No Fractional Share Purchases

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E trade does not offer enough attractive incentives for my taste. Inactivity fees of $40 and no fractional shares are the two worst features E Trades has to offer.

If you have limited funds to invest, E Trade is not an economical nor practical option for your money. Go with ShareBuilder or Sogo Invest instead.

If you’re a long term investor who believes in buying and holding stocks, any brokerage that offers low commissions and no inactivity fees would suit your needs.