Domain Investing Weekend Edition – 03/17/2007

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So far this weekend, I'm working on picking up a few more websites to invest in. So this weekend's edition is on Domain Investing.

  • Sedo Guide to Domain Investing
  • – This is a great beginner's guide to domain investing. I also have an account with Sedo, and plan to buy some international domains in the next couple of weeks.

  • How to Buy a Website and Flip It for Profit
  • – Once you purchase a domain, you can begin building a website on that existing domain. Some will chose to leave the domain as is, but building a website on the domain can increase the value of your investment.

  • Sell Your Blog or Website for Profit
  • – Another good read with relevant links on buying and selling domains, websites, blogs, etc.

  • Domain Investing: The Next Real Estate Boom
    – The great thing about domain investing is that domains trade like real estate, but at a much cheaper cost per asset. Even teenagers can make huge profits off of buying and selling real estate on the internet.

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