10 Best Dividend Stocks Under $10 for 2020

Dividend stocks are popular with income investors who enjoy received a cash payout every 3 months from several companies. This is one of my main investment strategies I use to generate passive income every month via dividends.

I generated a list of the best dividend stocks under $10 with a market cap of at least $1 billion. These stocks are large enough to have plenty of trading volume but still cheap compared to large cap stocks like Amazon or Apple.

If you are looking for cheap dividend stocks under $10, then here is a list of some of the best ones we found.

List of Dividend Stocks Under $10

SymbolCompany NameAnnual DividendDividend YieldYears of Growing Dividends
ADTADT Inc$0.142.12%6
FFord Motors$0.607.41%0
SIRISirius XM Radio$0.050.74%3
VERVereit Inc$0.555.57%0
PSECProspect Capital$0.7211.04%8
LTMLatam Airlines0.96%0
CLNYColony Capital$0.449.07%0
CLFCleveland Cliffs$0.243.12%0
ODPOffice Depot$0.104.12%0
HLHecla Mining Company$0.010.32%

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