Dividend Income Report for September 2019

Welcome to my 2nd monthly dividend income report for September 2019. In this report, I’ll cover my passive dividend income growth along with dividend increases and changes in my portfolio as I aim for my dividend income to surpass my monthly expenses.

September 2019 Dividend Income Summary

September was my 2nd month as an active dividend income investor and I made a few changes to my portfolio to include stocks with increasing dividends and sold some losing positions.

My total dividend income for September 2019 was $13.27.

These holdings are broken down between my FundriseRobinhood and Fidelity individual & SEP IRA accounts.

I received dividend income from my REIT holdings at Fundrise and dividend paying stocks across the brokerage accounts listed above.

To keep these numbers simple, I’ll list the companies I own along with the dividends received.

CompanyTickerDividends Received
Realty IncomeO0.23
Western UnionWU2.00
Apple Hospitality REITAPLE1.00
Credit Suisse High Yield Bond FundDHY0.23
Fidelity Real Estate Index FundFSRNX0.29
Bank of AmericaBAC0.24
Total (in USD)$13.27

September 2019 Buy & Sells

I didn’t do too much activity in September and the overall portfolio basically remained unchanged. It was a good dividend month since both Western Union and Ford Company paid dividends in September. Watching the passive income grow each month is pretty exciting since most of the work is passively done by sending money to my brokerage accounts and patiently holding stocks of wonderful businesses.

September 2019 Dividend Increases

No dividend increases this month.

Closing Summary

Last month, I made only $3 in dividend income but it’s awesome to see my dividend income hit two figures for the first time. My goal is to keep increasing the passive dividend income until I earn enough money from my dividend stocks to pursue early retirement!


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