Top 10 Dividend Income Blog Reports for October 2019

Every month, I posted a monthly divided income report on this site to track my progress and keep myself motivated.

What amazed me is how many other dividend income bloggers are doing the same thing. While the FIRE movement is making headlines in the news, I have noticed a large increase in passive income blogs focused on dividends from stocks & REITs.

Here's a complete list of dividend income reports for October 2019 to give you plenty of dividend investment ideas and inspiration.

This is not a competion but rather an opportunity to learn from other successful dividend investors and see what's working for them.

 Blog NameDividend Income
Dividend Earner$2,150
Mr Tako Escapes$1,855
Engineering Dividends$618.50
Dividend Snail$360.08
Reinis Fischer$201.36
Kody's Dividends$41.91
Young Professional Investor$26.67
Investor Trip$5.76
DIvidend Portfolio$3.00

Reading all of these reports is such a motivating experience to see exactly how other investors are turning dividends into a major passive income stream.

It's also quite humbling to see myself earning just $5 per month in dividends. I know there is A LOT of room for improvement and am looking forward to increase my dividend income while continuting to learn more about dividend paying stocks & REITs.

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