Did Friedrich Hayek Predict Bitcoin in 1984?

Did Friedrich Hayek Prediction Bitcoin?

Nobel prize winning economist Friedrich Hayek made some insightful comments about separating money and state in 1984. Did he predict the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Documenting Bitcoin posted rare video footage of Friedrich Hayek speaking in 1984 about the invention of a new form of money:

Hayek understood how governments abused money and forced the world to use a weaker form of value transfer. Bitcoin was created to give everyone a unique and valuable account that couldn’t be controlled by central banks or governments.

Bitcoin Solves the Modern Day Banking Problem

Bitcoin works well because it gives you control of your money and makes it easy to send it anywhere in the world instantly with low fees.

Almost 40 years later, Hayek looks like a prophet who accurately predicted the rise of Bitcoin and altcoins as a better form of modern day money!

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