December 2019 Dividend Income Report

Happy New Year! I’m extremely blessed to enjoy another new year and decade and I hope you and your family are doing well.

Welcome to my 5th monthly dividend income report for December 2019. In this report, I’ll cover my passive dividend income growth along with dividend increases and changes in my portfolio as I aim for my dividend income to surpass my monthly expenses.

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These holdings are broken down between my FundriseRobinhoodStash Invest and Fidelity accounts.

I received dividend income from my REIT holdings at Fundrise and dividend paying stocks across the brokerage accounts listed above.

To keep these numbers simple, I’ll list the companies I own along with the dividends received.

CompanyTickerDividends Received
Realty IncomeO$0.23
Fidelity Zero Total Stock Market Index FundFZROX$0.88
Fidelity Zero International Index FundFZILX$1.40
Bank of AmericaBAC$0.24
Western UnionWU$2.22
Fidelity Government Money MarketSPAXX$0.06
Washington Prime GroupWPG$2.50
Vanguard Long Term Bond ETFBLV$0.51
Credit Suisse High Yield Bond FundDHY$0.17
Total ($USD)$19.69

December 2019 Buys and Sells

I didn’t make any major buys and sells in December. I bought a few more shares of Ford and added Walmart stock to my portfolio. At first, I bought Ross Stores but decided to grow with Walmart instead. I like both companies but believe Walmart is better positioned for the transition to online ecommerce even though Ross Stores is doing really well in the low cost discount retail business.

General Thoughts

I am happy to experience another new decade and start off with some positive movement in 2020. Tracking my dividends has been an eye opening habit because it helps you stay motivated and see slow but steady growth. My first dividend income report in August 2019 was only $3.61 so I’m thrilled to make so much progress in such little time. This is the power of long term dividend growth investing.

If you are thinking about building a dividend growth investment portfolio, then now is the perfect time. We are entering 2020 and everyone gets a fresh slate for this decade. Personally, I made a lot of mistakes from 2010 to 2019 that set me back financially but I’m ready to learn from my financial mistakes and move forward financially with plenty of learning experiences along the way.

What are your financial goals for 2020? How did your dividend growth portfolio perform in December? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Good job my friend. from your first dividend report in August till now looks like you are on the right track. Keep investing in good quality stocks and you will succeed. I look forward to following your journey.

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