5 Best Crypto Penny Stocks to Buy for June 2021

Crypto penny stocks are some of the most undervalued long term stocks in the entire market as Bitcoin becomes more popular around the world. I previously wrote about my favorite Bitcoin crypto stocks and Bitcoin mining stocks but this article will focus on Bitcoin crypto blockchain stocks trading under $5.

Penny stocks carry more risk but have a lot more upside due to their low price and high risk profile. If you want to buy some of the cheapest small cap crypto penny stocks with huge upside then check out the following list of penny stocks.

Best Crypto Penny Stocks

  • SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS)

`1. SOS Limited (SOS)

SOS Limited is a Chinese crypto company that focuses on Bitcoin mining and insurance services. The company recently scaled its mining output to mine more Bitcoin and Ethereum by receiving over 6k mining rigs in May 2021.

SOS stock still trades at around $600 million with annual revenue around $60 million, providing plenty of upside as SOS Limited increases mining production.

There is some risk here since China is publicly against Bitcoin and a lot of Bitcoin mining output has shifted from China to North America. Nonetheless, SOS Limited is a solid speculative buy at around $4 to profit from recovering Bitcoin and Ether prices in the future.

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