Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro: What’s the Difference?

In my Coinbase review, I mentioned that Coinbase Pro is a much cheaper alternative to the regular Coinbase platform if you are buying very large amounts of cryptocurrency.

In this article, I’ll explain the key differences between the two in depth so you can make the best decision.

Personally, I use Coinbase instead of Coinbase Pro because I use automated recurring purchases as my primary Bitcoin accumulation strategy. Coinbase Pro doesn’t offer this feature and it’s more geared towards Bitcoin traders instead of long term HODLers.

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Tarik Pierce

Tarik Pierce is the founder of and regularly contributes articles to this website. He studied Economics at Dartmouth College and invests in a mix of dividend stocks, high CAGR tech stocks & cryptocurrencies. He uses Fidelity for growth stocks, Webull for options trading, Coinbase for crypto purchases, and Personal Capital to track investment performance and personal net worth. He reads the Wall Street Journal to keep up with the latest investing news. You can view his stock & crypto portfolio to see which investments he is holding right now.