Chinese Stocks to Watch in 2007 Series

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Chinese stocks are the clear winners for 2006, fueled by momentum from the 84% gain on Dow Jones CBN 600 index, the Chinese stock market tracking index.

Few Reasons Why I like China traded Stocks and Mutual Funds:

  • China residents have over $2 trillion in the bank. That leaves profitable earnings opportunities for commercial retail, insurance, health care, etc.
  • China requires the equivalent of 200 nuclear plants to meet its rapidly expanding and growing energy needs. Just so you know, only 442 nuclear plants exist world-wide.
  • The Chinese stock market is highly in favor. Institutional investors, the market gurus who really determine stock market prices, are shifting large dollar amounts into Shanghai and Beijing-based companies.
  • The Chinese Banking sector is seeking help from US investment firms in order to restructure their loan and credit departments.

As part of my international investing plan for 2007, Chinese stocks will represent a substantial percentage of my revamped investment portfolio.

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This is an ongoing series, so check back for updates every couple of days.

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